Pet Vitamins FAQs

Pet Vitamins FAQs

Pet Vitamins

How many Tablets should my pet take?

Each Pet Vitamins Bottle contains 90 tablets and the Suggested Use is:

  • 20 lbs & Under – 1 a day
  • 21-60 lbs – 2 a day
  • 60 lbs & Over – 3 a day

Pet Vitamins – Can you put it in their food and can they take it with food?

Your pet can take pet vitamins with food, though its recommended just before their meal.

Pet Vitamins – Does it have Liver?

Yes, our pet vitamins have liver and pets love it.

Pet Vitamins – Are all of the active ingredients effective?

We believe in providing only quality ingredients to your pet. Each batch of pet vitamins is formulated to give your pets better health and protection. The ingredients and their amounts were carefully chosen as too much of certain ingredients can be hazardous to your pets health. Our FDA licensed labs developed Mighty Vites with extreme deliberation.

Pet Vitamins – What are the main benefits?

Mighty Vites supplements boost your pet’s immune system, regulate metabolism, convert fat and carbohydrates into energy and assist in forming bone and tissue. Mighty Vites Pet Vitamins are also beneficial for developing strong bones, flexible muscles, and a shiny coat.

Pet Vitamins – I have many pets…Do you offer bottles with more tablets?

In the near future we will be also be carrying bottles with 1,500 ct. tablets to better meet the needs of people with multiple pets.

Pet Vitamins – Are there any special precautions?

As with any medicine or pet vitamins, never leave a container within reach of your pet. In the event of a pet ingesting large quantities of the product contact your vet immediately.

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Pet Vitamins FAQs