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Pet Vitamins? You Bet!
Give Your Pet the Nutrients They Deserve!

Don’t think your pet needs  pet vitamins? Think again. Many pets don’t get key nutrients from their regular diet. Lack of the proper nutrition, dog vitamins and cat vitamins may cause an imbalance in your pet’s immune system, thus increasing susceptibility to ailments, sickness and premature aging disorders. Our Pet Vitamins give your pets the nutrients they need, and also enables them to fight age deterioration effectively while leading longer, healthier and happier lives.

While your pet is rolling in grass and doing other activities they are exposed to bacteria, fungi, viruses and a countless amount of other harmful microorganisms. Their only hope for fighting off these harmful and health threatening microorganisms is a strong immune system. Most pet owners rely on processed dog food or cat food to provide crucial nutrition and supplements, but most pet food is manufactured at the lowest possible cost and quality. Are you comfortable leaving major gaps in your pet’s health?

Many people take multi-vitamins daily to help stay healthy and keep immune systems going strong. Let’s face it, we don’t always eat right, and even if we do, we are probably missing some key nutrients. Your pets aren’t getting all the nutrients they need either. However, we have developed a complete source for your pets nutritional needs in just 1-3 tablets daily (depending on your pet’s weight) pet vitamins.

About Our Pet Vitamins

Dog KnightHere at Pets’BestRx™, your pet’s health is our number one priority. The vitamins and minerals contained in each tablet help to boost the immune system. A fortified and well-balanced Immune System is important when treating complicated and stressful conditions such as demodectic mange, itchy flaky skin, aging ailments, inflammation and allergies. Common immune disorders may result in a number of odd behavioral patterns and symptoms including inflamed ears, excessive licking of the front paws, swelling of the toes or an irritated or swollen rear quarter (usually noticeable by licking and dragging of the rear on the floor).


Pets’BestRx™ pet vitamins help to reduce the previously mentioned symptoms, as well as balancing and increasing your Pet’s Main Line of Defense against injury, illness and aging. The formula also gives a healthy boost to their Immune System.

The ingredients we use in this product are high quality human grade versus the low quality feed grade ingredients you find in most other pet multivitamins. Our Vitamins help to regulate metabolism, convert fat and carbohydrates into energy and assist in the formation of bone and tissue. This supplement is formulated to meet your pet’s nutritional needs regardless of age. Pet vitamins help your pet develop strong bones, healthy teeth and gums, flexible muscles and a shiny coat. Iron, Zinc, Magnesium and Copper all help to improve the ability of your pet’s immune system in order to better battle infection.

For your convenience we’ve compiled a list of Ingredients and why each is necessary in improving and maintaining your pet’s health.


Vitamin A is responsible for the growth and repair of tissue. It also helps in protecting mucus membranes of the mouth, nose, throat and lungs as well as reducing the pet’s susceptibility to infections.


Vitamin B-1, also known as Thiamine, plays an important role in helping the body to convert carbohydrates and fat into energy. It is essential for normal growth and development and helps to maintain proper function of the heart as well as the nervous and digestive systems. Thiamine is water-soluble and cannot be stored in the body; however, once absorbed, the vitamin is concentrated in muscle tissue.


Vitamin B-2 supports energy production by aiding in the metabolization of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Vitamin B2 is also required for red blood cell formation and antibody production. It is also essential for growth and reproduction. Healthy skin, nails, hair growth and general good health including the regulation of thyroid activity are directly related to the amount of B-2 in the system. Riboflavin (B-2) also helps in the prevention of many types of eye disorders, including cataracts. It may also assist with the reduction of bloodshot, itching or burning eyes and abnormal sensitivity to light.

IRON (ferrous sulfate)

Iron grants the ability to produce red blood cells. It is used to treat or prevent iron-deficiency anemia, a condition that occurs when the body has too few red blood cells because of pregnancy, poor diet, excess bleeding or other medical problems.

COPPER (amino acid)

Your pet’s body needs copper for normal growth and health. Copper is needed to help body use iron. It is also important for nerve function, bone growth and to help the body use sugar. Copper is a component of, or a cofactor for, approximately 50 different enzymes. These enzymes need copper to function properly. Copper is an essential nutrient that plays a role in the production of hemoglobin, myelin, collagen, and melanin. Copper also works with vitamin C to help make a component of connective tissue known as elastin. Copper is a critical functional component of a number of essential enzymes, known as cuproenzymes. Copper is a strong antioxidant. It works together with an antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase (SOD), to protect cell membranes from being destroyed by free radicals. Copper is needed to make adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy the body runs on. Copper may also play a role in reducing high blood pressure. Copper’s anti-inflammatory actions may help in reducing arthritis symptoms.

Other Important Active Ingredients:
Magnesium (oxide), Zinc (oxide), Ionine (kelp), Liver, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Niacin (niacinamide), Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12

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