Shampoo for Dogs – What to do During The Bath

Shampoo For Dogs

Finding the right Shampoo For Dogs is just as important as knowing the best way to give your dog his bath.

First make sure the water is warm but not hot and fill the water to his knees. Putting more water in the tub or basin may scare your dog. if you feel you’ll need a leash to stablize your dog during his bath, then you should put it on your dog before you begin using a Shampoo For Dogs and giving him a bath.

Shampoo For Dogs – How to

Next, gently lift your dog and place him into the tub or basin and gently begin spraying his shoulders and his back with the water. Be gentle, work slowly and gradually and let your dog enjoy the water and give him time to acclimate before you begin using a Shampoo For Dogs.

Once you see your dog is relaxing, begin using the Shampoo For Dogs on his body. You can apply a line of the Shampoo For Dogs on his back and begin rubbing and massaging gently. Massage down to his skin.

Shampoo For Dogs – Rubber Gloves for debris removal

You can use a rubber brush if your dog has shorter hair to massage and remove debris from the fur and a soft brush can used for the paws. Work the suds down and under the tail, the underside of your dog, the legs and then all around the paws. Don’t forget the face, but remember not to get the Shampoo For Dogs in his eyes.

Gently rinse his face first and cover his eyes with one hand rinse the top of the head and around the eyes. Then cover his nose and rinse his neck and face, then work down the body. Continue rinsing till the water runs clear; if you don’t, your dog will lick the shampoo and it will make him sick.

Towel dry your pet once you’ve removed the Shampoo For Dogs completely off his fur. Mist your dogs coat with a moisturizer or a detangler.

Using Medicated Shampoo for Dogs

We recommend using a Medicated Shampoo For Dogs when giving a bath which will kill 2 birds in one stone. Not only will a Medicated Shampoo for dogs make your pets coat shiny and smelling nice, it will also:

  • remove odors
  • relieve any itching from dry skin and fleas
  • heal wounds, scrapes and scratches
  • promote healthy skin and eliminate dry skin

PetsBestRx Medicated Shampoo For Dogs

Medicated Dogs Shampoo is not to be used on Cats.  Shampoo for Dogs

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