Finding Good Pet Shampoos

Pet Shampoos – What Should You Look For?

Medicated Pet Shampoos are very important when you you want the best for your pet. You should always read your labels to confirm that your shampoo is good for your pets coat and mild yet strong enough to fight bacteria and infection.

A medicated pet shampoo is always better than other shampoos that are more useful in making suds and masking your pets odor. Do you realize that if your pet smells, that this could be signs of a bacterial infection on his skin?

You would also want to look for a low sudsing shampoo that will rinse easily and clean; leaving no residue for the pet shampoo. A medicated pet shampoo with emollients and conditions are necessary to heal and soften your pets skin. Skin can become damaged from bacterial infections, insect bites, rashes, hot spots, scrapes, cuts and wounds.

Not all pet shampoos are good

Dry skin is common in pets; therefore the use of medicated pet shampoos is critical because regular over the counter pet shampoos are not designed to condition your pets skin and soothe it from itching from dry skin. In fact, the fragrances can actually cause irritations or allergies in your pets skin.

Good medicated pet shampoos will relieve swelling, inflammation, and reduce the risk of hot spots. Additionally, it will relieve the itching from insect bites and dry itchy skin.

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Medicated Pet Shampoos is not to be used on Cats.

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