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Dogs Shampoo

Tips on Bathing & Shampooing Your Dog

Using a medicated Dogs Shampoo on your pet is considered one of the best ways to maintain a healthy and happy dog. A good medicated dogs shampoo will:

  • keep fleas and parasites under control
  • help heal scratches and wounds that my cause a low grade infection
  • maintain overall coat health without adding smelly oils and perfumes – dogs like smelling like dogs

You should avoid bathing your dog too often can dry your dogs skin and get rid of the essential oils on its skin. This dry skin could cause your dog to itch and scratch.

Of course the number of times a dog should have a good Dogs Shampoo Bath is dependent on it’s exposure to being outside, if the coat is smoothe, double coated or if the breed has a curly coat. Dogs who are exposed to the outside may need a Dogs Shampoo Bath every 6 weeks, where double coated breeds need a Dogs Shampoo Bath only 3 times a year.

Dogs Shampoo Bath – Keeping Your Dog Clean

Keeping your dog clean does not always mean you should give him a Dogs Shampoo Bath. Brush the coat vigorously and regularly. This is good for your pets coat and his skin. Additionally, your pet will look and smell better too!

You should always wait until a puppy is more than five weeks old before you should give him a Dogs Shampoo Bath for the first time. it’s also a good idea to let your puppy or dog sniff the bathing tools or the grooming tools before you give him a Dogs Shampoo Bath. This way he would become more familiar with the bath process.

Dogs Shampoo Bath – Sound of Water

Letting your dog get accustomed to the sound of the water running is also good before embarking in a Dogs Shampoo Bath. Additionally, if you plan on blow drying your pet, let him get accustomed to the sound before you dry him. Always remember when giving your pet a Dogs Shampoo Bath and planning on using a dryer, always use a dryer recommend for dogs instead of humans.

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*Medicated Dogs Shampoo by PetBestRx is not to be used on Cats.

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