Dog Shampoo Tips

Dog Shampoo Tips

Dog Shampoo Tips #1 – Preparing Your Dog for his First Bath

The toughest part of bathing your dog or pet is helping them get over the fear of you getting them wet.  You don’t want your pet associating a bath with punishment so it is good to always have your reassuring hands on him so he understands that this is good.  You want the the bathing process to go smoothly and that it is a good experience for your dog.

By handling your dogs ears, touching his paws, talking to him kindly and opening his mouth a few times a day will help him trust you and that this isn’t going to be so bad. Always give them treats as a positive experience when they respond and do good before jumping right into a Dog Shampoo Bath.

Let your dog get acquainted with the grooming tools or the items you use to give him a Dog Shampoo. Let him sniff the tools; use them on his dry coat. Once you see he is acquainted with the tools, then give him a treat or assurance if that’s what motivates him.

Dog Shampoo Tips #2 – Getting him wet

Next comes the running water. It’s important that your dog is comfortable with the running water before you put him in the tub, a basin or using a hose outside.  It is always good when using a hose to bath him, to run the water where your hand is in contact with him this way he doesn’t think you are hitting him with something and will keep him calm.

If you plan on drying your dog with a blow dryer, allow him to get acquainted with the sound and also what the dryer will do to him.  Dogs can get over-heated very easy and it makes them uncomfortable therefore take it easy when using a dryer.

You may choose to have someone help you for the first Dog Shampoo Bath. Remember you want this to be a positive experience for him. Always praise him and give him treats when he does well.

Dog Shampoo Tips #3 – Take out the tangles!

Always brush your pets fur and remove the tangles and any mats before you give him a Dog Shampoo bath.   Using the proper brush that doesn’t take to deep of a “cut” will make it easier for both of you.  For badly matted fur, you may need to just snip the mats with scissors.

Best Dog Shampoo Tips

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dog shampoo tips

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Dog shampoo tips