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pet staph treatment

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New Veterinarian Approved Deep-Penetrating Formula is Guaranteed to Stamp Out Staph Infections or Your Money Back!

In need of a Pet Staph Treatment? Have you noticed your pet is losing hair in certain areas? Are there small pustules surrounding hair follicles? Is your pet in pain ? Are they scratching and making the situation worse? Your pet is most likely suffering with Animal Staph Infection, which if left without a Pet Staph Treatment can develop even worse problems for its host. It is imperrative that you find a Pet Staph Treatment now and prevent your pet from suffering any further.

Get a Pet Staph Treatment before Staph enters the blood stream

Are there small pustules and areas where your pet’s fur is falling out due to irritation and infection? Is their fur raised in some areas? Is their skin darker in those areas? Staph Infection is a serious condition and requires immediate a Pet Staph Treatment before it enters the blood stream causing grave health problems including organ failure.

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Pet Owners throughout the globe can testify their adoration for their pets. We love our pets like our own children. Don’t let your pet suffer any longer than necessary, take action now with out Pets’BestRx™ antimicrobial Pet Staph Treatment products which are guaranteed to work or you get your money back. Don’t waste any more time or money on Pet Staph Treatment products that just don’t work. Put your efforts where you know it will make a difference. Pets’BestRx™ Pet Staph Treatment is here for you, and we are ready to work with you to come up with a regimen specific to your pet’s needs.

Bandit’s staph infection was so severe his vet said to put him down…

Bandit's PictureI just couldn’t let go… My lab had been my buddy for 2 years and I couldn’t accept that I had to put him down. I was desperate; thank God I found Pets’BestRx Pet Staph Treatment. They worked with me and created a regimen specifically for Bandit. Twenty four hours later, Bandit’s skin was less red; it was the first positive sign in a long time. Thirty six hours later, Bandit was running around the yard, and the infection was almost all gone. I recommend this product to anyone. My vet was shocked to see Bandit a week later. Thanks Pets’BestRx.

Dale Adams, Knoxville, TN

Q-Based Solutions has formulated a unique Pet Staph Treatment solution to cure Staph Infections for Pets!

“Shortly after a camping trip, Jake developed a really bad rash under his belly that became infected and inflamed. I spent money on countless trips to the Vet, on antibiotics, creams and salves; nothing worked. In fact, many times, the creams flared the staph infection up and we started from scratch again with all the pus and oozing. Finally, my Vet told me that I should just put Jake down because there was nothing else he could do. I was devastated!

“Watching Jake suffer became unbearable, in spite of my Veterinarians attempts and medications to get rid of his infection.

“I had already spent over $1000.00 on Vet visits, prescriptions, tests and any other over the counter remedies for staph infections; can you imagine how desperate I had become!”

Joseph Marquardt's dog Jake“Having already developed a successful skin care line for people and pets, I figured I had the ways and means to tackle the problem. My Pets’BestRx™ non-toxic topical treatments were successful on many other skin problems; I just knew we could find a similar solution for Jake.

“I began contacting vets and anyone who could give me help. In working with all these Vets, Labs, Universities, Doctors and Shelters, I had gained tremendous knowledge on skin conditions for pets. So…. I challenged my team of Doctors and Scientists to help me create an effective penetrating formula to cure staph infection on pets with the same high degree of effectiveness that I had achieved with my other pet products. We rolled up our sleeves to begin working; time was of the essence and I pushed hard to get rid of Jake’s pain! My most important requirement was that the solution had to be a non-toxic formula and it had to be safe for Jake.

“We finally found an INCREDIBLE FORMULA and INGENIOUS and effective pet staph treatment program. I was able to completely rid Jake of this HORRIBLE Infection in just 48 hours! And it never came back! The thought of loosing my dog was more than I could bear.

“What an incredible feeling it was to finally RELIEVE Jake of his misery!
Pets’BestRx™ got my dogs life Back!”

“Since then, I have helped thousands of pets successfully get rid of their staph infection problem all over the world and I can help you too! I must have done something right… Even Veterinarians, Rescue Groups & Breeders seek our advice and use our pet staph treatment products and regimens to treat their pets.”

Joseph Marquardt



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About Staph

Staph (staphylococcus) is a type of bacteria. It’s very common to find on areas of the skin where cuts, abrasians, bug bites or other breaks in the skin occur. The bacteria may also be colonized on the pet, meaning in a dormant state, unless the skin is irritated. If the skin is irritated, staph can multiply quickly. Fleas, inhalant allergies, food allergies or irritating chemicals like flea and tick dips can cause severe itching, which can lead to a staph infection.


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Staphylococcus Aureus and other bacteria are present on 90% of staph infections. The bacteria seem to attach more readily to skin that is inflamed & can make the inflammation worse because they secrete substances called superantigens. These allergy-inducing substances activate the immune cells in the skin, causing them to release substances that further increase inflammation. Controlling the number of these bacteria on the skin can help control the infection. Anti-Microbials are commonly used to treat infestation. That’s why Pets’BestRx™ can get the job done quickly.

Although humans can’t catch staph from their pets, Staph is a serious ailment that also affects people. We also have a complete product line to help humans combat staph infection.

Click here to find out more information on Human Staph

Click here to see how our company is combating the staph pandemic sweeping through the nation’s schools with our SOS (Stamp Out Staph) program

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How It Works

Pets’BestRx™ Healing Gel disinfects the skin and is the perfect solution when you want to treat your pet quickly and safely. It disinfects the skin and provides a protective layer for up to 6 hours.


This remarkable pet staph treatment formula penetrates deeply and reduces swelling. This causes the water to release from the cells, which allows for more blood flow. The increased blood flow brings oxygen to the infected tissues, therefore bacteria and fungus cannot live in this environment. It also reduces swelling which, in turn, reduces the pressure on the nerves and relieves your pet of itching and pain quickly.

Pets’BestRx™ Healing Spray has a much lighter active ingredient, which is great when used throughout the day as a skin sterilizer, and has the added benefit of itch relief. Healing Spray is tailored for cats because of their sensitivity to the Gel, but it is still effective for use on other animals It can be used up to three times per day if needed.

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The Proof

Success Stories

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Female Cat Day 1


Female Cat day 5


“Here are some photos of my female. She had Staph really bad. I was using a special shampoo with Sulfur and benzoyl peroxide called Sulfoxydex, as well as a product called Mirotec. My vet said it was definitely staph. I tried clavomox. Nothing would touch it. I used the Pets’BestRx™ Spray and Lotion. 5 days later. She looks like a brand new cat. All cleared up!” – Teresa R., a Breeder from California, was amazed at how fast Pets’BestRx™ worked!

Bully's Picture


Being a medical doctor, I knew some things about helping Bully’s staph infection and I worked closely with my vet. Finally, after 4 months of antibiotics, and special diets and vitamins, he was still lethargic. I realized that Bully was dying. I contacted the owner of Pets’BestRx™ and within a half hour we decided on a regimen specifically for Bully. I drove 2 hours to pick up the products and 36 hours later, Bully was acting like himself again. Within a week, Bully showed no signs of his staph infection.I highly recommend Pets’BestRx™ pet staph treatment to any veterinarian or pet owner. Thank    you Pets’BestRx™ for your advice and your products. Dr. Joseph Booler, TN


Why do veterinarians use our pet staph treatment products?


  • Works when antibiotics don’t
  • They are topical products that work fast in the specific area you need
  • Pets’BestRx™ pet staph treatment offers a solutions to treat your pet and its environment to aid in the prevention of reoccurance

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Our Guarantee

We are so confident that our pet staph treatment is the BEST choice for your pet that we are going to give you our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


All we ask is you make an honest effort to use our pet staph treatment products as directed by contacting a customer service representative within 4 to 5 days of receipt if you are not seeing a noticeable improvement. This allows us to give you additional assistance to make a change in pet staph treatment regimen. If you are still not satisfied with our products, we will gladly provide you a full refund of the purchase price.

For more information on returns, please read our Company Policy.

We Guarantee we Can Help You!
A Highly Trained Customer Service Representative
is ready to work with you!

Our Customer Service Representatives undergo lengthy Pet Staph Treatment Training Programs and receive constant online/ in-house training regarding Information about Staph.

Our Customer Service Representatives are available 5 days a week to review all factors that pertain to your specific situation. We recognize that staph infections are influenced by your pet’s environment. We customize a pet staph treatment regimen that will assures the highest degree of success in fighting and ridding your pet’s staph infection.

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