Yeast and Pet Staph

yeast and pet staph

Yeast and Pet Staph

Initial treatment of Pet Staph infections involves cleaning the ear and treating with medications that will combat the yeast and bacteria; also, a topical steroid medication is used to reduce the inflammation. Yeast and Staph will never totally be removed from the ear, so dogs with these infections need some sort of consistent ongoing preventative measures to prevent re-occurrence.

Most of these infections can be prevented by cleaning the ears on a regular basis (1-2 times per week) with a solution that will not leave moisture behind and that will make the ear canal acidic. A half and half white vinegar and water solution may work, but usually specially formulated ear solutions (like PetsBestRx™) work better. Do not clean ears with water, saline, or hydrogen peroxide in these infections. Severe infections or infections secondary to allergies may need chronic medicating.

We offer safe, effective and non-toxic solutions to treat Staph Infection and get your pet’s health back to full capacity.

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