Pet Staph Articles

pet staph articles

Pet Staph Articles

Welcome to the Pets’BestRx™ News article repository for Pet Staph. Below you will find a link to each of our free, informative news articles, categorized by affliction.

Learn the symptoms of Pet Staph and learn how to get rid of them fast!

Common ways Pets can become colonized & infected Staph:

  • Physical contact with owners and vice verse
  • Physical contact with other animals and vice verse
  • By air currents
  • By sneezing and coughing
  • Vet Staff who failed to wash hands after contact with colonized animal
  • Surgical Sites can become infected by bacteria falling from skin into wound, or from contaminated hands or objects or by droplets from uncover mouth or nose
  • Can occur in hydrotherapy pools if not cleaned properly
  • When skin is inflamed due to allergies; an infection of the Staph may occur

We offer safe, effective and non-toxic solutions to treat Staph Infection and get your pet’s health back to full capacity.

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Pet Staph Articles