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“The Results Were Immediate…He Was Feeling Better… I Truly Believe in this product.”

My son has a pug puppy who started having skin problems at the age of eight weeks. I took him to the vet who said it was allergies and gave him some antibiotics and an antihistamine. His rash got worse and worse and he stunk to high heaven. I spent hundreds of dollars on different products trying to help him as well as changing his diet. I found the Sulfinex cream, body wash and spray combo and said what the heck. I’ll try it. The results were immediate. He looked better, was feeling better and most important of all smelled better in one day!! I truly believe in this product. Pokey the pug still has food allergies,but whenever he starts to get itchy or I start to smell that yucky smell, we start the body wash, spray and cream and it starts working overnight. I just came online to order some more and decided to leave this testimonial. I am so glad that I found something that works.

– Vivian P

“He has been totally flea free for over 3 months… Your body wash totally repels the fleas.”

Sam thanks you! For the first time in a long time, he has been totally flea free for over 3 months. I don’t worry about him playing outside anymore. Your body wash totally repels the fleas. A sold customer.

– Blaine L, TX

“Skylar wasn’t scratching…and there wasn’t any flaking… Within 24 hours”

I had a fit when my husband bought your expensive products; we had already spent hundreds of dollars at the Vet! As usual, he did exactly what he wanted to do and began using your products on our boxer who had a severe case of dermatitis. Within an hour I was eating my words! Skylar wasn’t scratching… and there wasn’t any flaking… Within 24 hours, I was already telling my friends about your great stuff! Thank You!

– Janet T, FL

“My pet doesn’t itch anymore and his skin is healed from the flea bites.”

My dog had horrible fleas and he was miserable. My neighbor referred me to Pets Best Rx and you have one satisfied customer. I highly recommend this product to everyone. My pet doesn’t itch anymore and his skin is healed from the flea bites. His coat shines and looks beautiful. Thanks!

– David B, NV

“He had sensitive skin…these products has made a world of difference after the first use!”

My little Yorkie had some type of allergy because its skin was always dry and flaky and he itched so bad. No matter what I used, I could never control it, especially because he had sensitive skin. I discovered your Pets’ Best Rx Skin Care pack over the internet and these products has made a world of difference after the first use! The cortisone cream is a miracle, he loves it! No more itching! Bandits skin is now conditioned and healthy thanks to you. I now use the body wash as his weekly shampoo and he has absolutely no skin problems. My Vet has even inquired about it; he was that impressed! Thanks!

– George O, FL

“Your product is outstanding! After just one body washing, he was immediately flea free.”

Roscoe is our outside dog and he is considered a member of our family. I could not keep the fleas off of him and he kept scratching. I found your web site on the internet and ordered your product, after all, it was guaranteed. Your product is outstanding! After just one body washing, he was immediately flea free. He smelled good and his coat looks much nicer than before.

– Paulette K, WI

“My groomer even noticed a difference and she is now recommending your Body Wash to Clients”

My pug used to smell after the 2nd day from the groomers. I now use your Pets’ Best Body wash weekly on Roswell and he now goes at least 7 days before he begins to smell. My groomer even noticed a difference and she is now recommending your Body Wash to her clients in addition to selling it in her shop! More people should know about this product. I don’t worry about fleas anymore either!

– Nancy L, Canada

“Wow! You were right…No fleas after just one bath.”

Libby had so many fleas; I could not allow her to sleep in the house at night anymore. I searched the internet and found your web site. Wow! You were right… No fleas after just one bath. Libby is so shiny! I now use it as her weekly maintenance bath.

– Nathan M, CA

“It smells great and has helped with our dogs recovering from mange…Long term customers, The Songees”

You are saving us so much money on vet bills! We just love that new rejuvenating body wash! It smells great and has helped with our dogs recovering from mange. I ordered your Mitactin® Spray and that worked wonderfully in just 2 days, we couldn’t believe it! Dusty and Misty actually look forward to bath time; we use a soft scalp brush when we wash them so they get a little massage at the same time. Long term customers,

– The Songees, MS

“Fleas are a thing of the past at our home.”

Fleas are a thing of the past at our home. I don’t worry about Brunus getting fleas when he stays outdoors for extended periods of time. Your product worked immediately and it made the flea bites treat almost over night! A sold customer. Thanks!

– Sandi M, MO

“The dermatitis cream is awesome and the Body Wash is so versatile…HEAL THE SKIN AND REMOVES THE ODORS!”

Why doesn’t every Breeder, Groomer or Vet know about the wonderful product! The dermatitis cream is awesome and the Body Wash is so versatile and it does what it says it will do…. HEAL THE SKIN AND REMOVES ODORS! I am a pharmacist and a dog breeder. I WAS very skeptical about this product… Not any more!

– Susan L, CA

“Used it as a soak for our ferrets…had some kind of a rash and now it’s gone!”

After getting your newsletter recently, I decided to try a bottle of the new body wash shampoo and your cortisone dermatitis cream. I liked the idea that the body wash was concentrated and it went a long way. We have used it as a leave on body wash and also as a soak for our ferrets. They had some kind of a rash and now it’s gone! So needless to say-We love it! Please keep us on the mailing list for your newsletter so we can keep up with any other products that will help us. PS.. I used the dermatitis cream on my little daughter and it worked great on her too after the first application! Victoria,

– Billy & Sam , OR

This groomer is spreading the word to all her customers

I am a groomer and have been using your new body wash/shampoo. I always like to let people know how I feel about a product and I’m really satisfied with yours. My customers remark how great their pets smell and how nice their coats look when they pick them up. The word’s been spreading that I have this great body wash for pets with skin problems; so I am getting more repeat and new customers. Thanks from a very satisfied customer.

– Michelle, FL

The testimonials above have been unique for each person and are not meant as a substitute for the advice provided by your own physician. Although information and statements regarding our products are true for each person, you should not use this information to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent any disease, or prescribe any medication.

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