Pet Ringworm Testimonials

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Pet Ringworm Success Stories

“We could see a difference within two days!”

Just wanted to let you know our story regarding a kitten we received from a Humane Society here in Washington State.

We brought this kitten home and noticed within a week a skin problem by her ear. We originally thought she had scratched herself, but as the week went on we realized that there was something wrong. We couldn’t get her into the veterinary clinic until Monday and by the end of the weekend we knew we had a problem. Monday, the veterinarian confirmed that she had pet ringworm. She sent us home with topical medication, and told us that we needed to get a pet ringworm oral medication also that had to be received from a compound drug pharmacy in our town. The visit to the veterinary came to a total of $17.92. The vet didn’t charge us for the office exam.

We came home and started the pet ringworm topical medication, and by Wednesday we had the pet ringworm oral medication, which came to $76.11, and gave it to our kitten. Yes, it helped, but new spots continued to come. We ordered a refill of the oral medication, another $76.11, and also went to the vet clinic and purchased another $17.92 in topical medication.

At this point, we were getting pretty concerned as it was spreading quite rapidly. I got on the internet and found your company and my husband said to order whatever. So, I ordered Pet Ringworm Super Pk for Small Breed Cats at the cost of $72.20 which included the postage. The day before Thanksgiving we received our order and started it right away. We could see a difference within two days! We continued the treatment and she was totally cleared of her ringworm in about 10 days. Fantastic!

I have also ordered XTREME CLEEN and I am cleaning as much of the house as possible. We have a grown daughter that has an immune disease and it is a concern of hers and ours that she doesn’t get the pet ringworm as it could have a very harmful affect on her.

Thanks for your product. We would definitely recommend it to anyone. Wish we had known about it before we spent $188.06 on medication that didn’t do too much good.

– Andrea and Scott T.- Edgewood, WA 12/15/08

Pet Ringworm – Michelle’s Corgie was beaten down by pet ringworm, But found relief thanks to PetsBestRx

Pet Ringworm


Pet Ringworm – My 9 year old Corgi named Ziggy had a bad case of ringworm. I had tried a variety of products, and even took her to the vet. The vet wanted to do invasive skin tests and put her on a harsh medication to get rid of the infection. I wanted to try something more gentle. I bought the Small Dog Pet Ringworm Pack in August. After just one use of the shampoo I could see an improvement in the redness of her skin. Within a few short weeks the infection was gone and her fur was starting to grow back. I love this product and would recommend it to anyone with ringworm or other skin conditions in their dog. Thanks!

– Michelle, Charlotte, NC

Pet Ringworm – Cat Breeder with success against pet ringworm using PetsBestRx

I am a cat breeder and my rag doll developed ringworm. Everything I had read advised that it would take weeks to get rid of this and I wanted it cleared sooner. Another breeder told me about Pets’ Best Rx and suggested I purchase the products and I did. This stuff is great! I was able to get rid of the pet ringworm totally in 5 days. I saw a considerable difference in just 2 days. Since then I have used this product for my cats itching, and I also purchased the mouth spray to protect my cat from gingivitis!

Ringworm Before Ringworm After

– Rachael FL, Illinois

Your Pets Best Rx Product worked great on all my kitten’s ringworm problems! I was amazed how quick it worked! Pets Best Rx is truly the BEST! I had 6 kittens that kept giving pet ringworm to each other and my little girl even got it. I knew I had to do something fast. The pet ringworm dried up and peeled off in just a few days! Thanks Pets Best Rx!

Cat Ringworm BeforeCat Ringworm After

– Kristin H, Kansas

My dog had pet ringworm and so did my family! I was amazed at how FAST the lotion worked on getting rid of the ringworm on my dog and my family. I used the disinfectant spray to control any cross contamination and used the lotion twice a day on my family and my dog. Within 3 days, it was gone. This product is great!

Mary's Dog After PetsBestRx treatmentMary's Dog After PetsBestRx treatment

– Mary C, California

My chocolate poodle had contacted pet ringworm as a puppy right after I brought her home from the breeder. I have tried many products and medications over several months fighting this problem. While searching the internet, I found your site and decided to try your Pets Best Rx products on my pet ringworm problem. I followed your suggested protocol and it was easy and fast! I keep your pet ringworm products around now just in case. Thanks!

Poodle BeforePoodle After

– Jill M, Canada

“Dora Blossom – has been given the ‘all clear’ for pet ringworm”

I just wanted to let you know that our Persian – Dora Blossom – has been given the “all clear” for pet ringworm. She arrived at our local animal welfare centre (where I help out as a volunteer) as a stray a little over one year ago. She was in a bad state with matted hair, stomach problems and pet ringworm. After a few months of tender loving care she was re-homed, only to be returned after a couple of months because the ringworm was back and her new owner could not cope with it. She was treated again and re-adopted just after Christmas. Another two months later she came back because the pet ringworm had returned again. This time her new owner left her at the center to be treated and said she would collect her when she was well again. She never showed up! My husband and I decided that we would take her to join our other 4 cats, but, just as we were about to bring her home, another lesion was found. Everyone at the Centre was getting desperate by now but I persuaded the Centre Manager to let me take Dora anyway and to treat her at home in her own room.

I started searching the internet for answers on pet ringworm and some of the sites I found filled me with horror. I started to think I had taken on far more than I could achieve but I found your site and decided to give it a go. After 2 weeks of fairly dedicated pet ringworm treatment she has now been declared free of pet ringworm and can join our other cats and, hopefully, live a long and happy life with us. I know that being a Persian she is susceptible to problems, but I have your pet ringworm products at home and know that I can cope if the need arises. With thanks.

– Julie H. (and Dora Blossom Haggan!)

“Your pet ringworm product did what no other product I have tried ever did!”

Your pet ringworm product did what no other product I have tried ever did! I’m amazed at how quick it worked. After spending hundreds of dollars at the vet, I finally found your product. My dog had pet ringworm and was being treated orally by my vet. After 6 weeks and I still could not get rid of the ringworm, I used your Pets Best Rx pet ringworm product and got rid of it in 3 days. This pet ringworm product is great!

– Nikki S, Florida

“The pet ringworm began to peel off and by day 5 there was no sign”

I am Sphinx Breeder and my Sphinx developed pet ringworm after being with another cat that had the ringworm fungus. I immediately kept this cat away from the rest of my cats and remembered my Pets’ Best Rx pet ringworm products were effective on ringworm (or so it said on the bottle). Well……This product is Amazing! I lathered the cat with lotion and a little water once a day for 3 days and kept rubbing it in for a few minutes, then rinsed it off. My Sphinx is fur less, therefore it was easy for me do. Once done, I applied the lotion to the areas that required medication twice a day for 3 days. The pet ringworm began to peel off and by day 5 there was no sign of the pet ringworm. In addition, I used the PuraCleenRxRx disinfectant spray to spray my cats eating and sleeping area in order to control any cross contamination. Thanks Pets Best Rx!

– Cathy L, Mississippi

“I didn’t have to worry about the pet ringworm product because it was non-toxic…by day 5, there were no traces of the ringworm!”

I am an owner of 3 cats and suddenly, my cats became infested with pet ringworm! I had purchased a new cat and obviously I did not know that she had ringworm at the time. It immediately spread to the rest of my cats and I was frantic! I heard about Pets’ Best Rx pet ringworm products and decided to try it. I first used their disinfectant to disinfect everything around the cats including their eating, sleeping and Kitty litter. I didn’t have to worry about the product because it was non-toxic. I rubbed the lotion twice a day in the infected areas for 3 days and then began using the spray for two more days. By day 5, there were no traces of the pet ringworm! I used the black light to determine if there were any traces of pet ringworm left and found a few very small spots in other places that I had not treated. I treated those and was able to successfully get rid of pet ringworm in all my cats. This pet ringworm product is great and I recommend it to everyone.

– Cindy W, Little Rock, Arkansas

“I run an Animal Shelter and this pet ringworm product is the best”

I run an Animal Shelter and this pet ringworm product is the best pet ringworm product I have found to treat pet ringworm. I use it on all my animals when they contact pet ringworm and can attest it works! Its has worked time and time again.

– Andrea B., Wisconsin

“It had a money back guarantee…Popsicle was cured within just a few short days!”

My rabbit came home with pet ringworm after I purchased her. I was so disappointed. I searched the internet and saw your Pets’ Best Rx Pet Ringworm ad. It had a money back guarantee and decided I had nothing to loose. Boy was I surprised when Popsicle was cured within just a few short days! I followed your pet ringworm treatment protocol and got rid of it all. My vet was even impressed!

– Susie R, Alabama

“I was very skeptical…but…the pet ringworm is completely gone and it didn’t spread…you guys are doing a great job!”

I recently purchased The Pets Best RX Pet Ringworm Gel from your website to treat a rabbit that I had with pet ringworm. Now, i was very skeptical if this actually worked, would it be a waste of my money, etc… But to my surprise the pet ringworm is completely gone and it didn’t spread within our large rabbitry. I just wanted to let people know out there that this stuff actually works and I would recommend it. We raise over 100 show rabbits and I don’t like to waste time or money on poor products, but you guys are doing a great job! Thanks so much!

– Maple K.

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pet ringworm treatment

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