Pet Ringworm Tips

Pet Ringworm Tips

We would like to give you a few pet ringworm tips on how to determine if your pet actually has the ringworm fungus.

Pet Ringworm Tips #1 Diagnosis of pet ringworm

Pet Ringworm is diagnosed three different ways:

  1. Observation – By looking for typical circular ringworm lesions on the skin of your pet.
  2. Microscopic examination – A sample of hair or biopsy of the lesion can be examined under a microscope
  3. Using a Woods lamp or ultra violet light, however only two of the four species of fungi fluoresce or “glow”.
  4. By having your Vet perform a scaping of the hair or the lesion then growing the fungus in a culture is the most accurate; however this can take 2 to 3 weeks for the results.

A word of caution, a diagnosis of the presence of pet ringworm cannot be made based just on the appearance of the lesion. Demodectic mange, sarcoptic mange, and allergic dermatitis can look similar to pet ringworm.  It really takes a trained eye to diagnose pet ringworm if you haven’t had this experience before.

If you are uncertain about what you are dealing with, then you should take your pet to the vet.

Pet Ringworm Tips #2 – Pet Ringworm Pictures

Here are sample of pet ringworm pictures that may help you identify your pets ringworm problem.

pet ringworm tipspet ringwormRingworm symptoms in catscat ringworm earsphinx cat with ringworm
As you can see by the pictures pet ringworm manifests itself in many ways.

Pet Ringworm Tips #3 – Disinfect the environment where your pet lives

The nature of pet ringworm fungus is to spread its spores so it colonizes and grows.  These spores are like microscopic seeds and they are left behind wherever your pet goes.  These spores are active and will start a new ringworm colony.  So it is possible for your pet to not only re-contaminate itself but also indirectly contaminate other pets and people.

There are many disinfectants such as bleach that will kill pet ringworm spores, you just have to be careful and be aware that there may be unwanted side effects using them.  Ever ruined a good set of clothes or shoes spraying a bleach solution vinyl siding or a fence because the wind direction changed?  Suddenly the $2 bleach job becomes a $57 disinfecting job because you ruined your clothes.  It happens.

Pet Ringworm Tips #4

PetsBestRx offers a pet ringworm solution to treat not only treat your pet but also treat your pet’s environment (so important to control re-infection) and without ruining your clothes!  PetsBestRx ringworm products are strong enough to do the job as a topical treatment and do not require oral medication supplements.

PetsBestRx uses PuracleenRx disinfectants and concentrated Xtreme Cleen disinfectants to sanitize your pet’s environment safely and effectively.  Proven to kill germs, bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus 99.999% without the worry of damaging clothes, furniture, or bedding

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