High Temperatures Needed to Kill Ringworm

Bleach or a Hospital Grade Disinfectant are your good Products for your Home

The best cure for ringworm is to never get it in the first place. By following the preventative measures mentioned below, you will minimize your chances of contacting ringworm. In the event your pet does get ringworm, we highly recommend using the PetsBestRx Ringworm Products for your pet and for its environment.


  • You can get ringworm by touching a pet who has a fungal infection.
  • Dogs and cats, as well as farm animals can be infected with ringworm.
  • You can get ringworm on floors of public showers or locker rooms or damp surfaces. This is the most common method of contracting ringworm.
  • You can get ringworm from objects that an infected person has touched such as hats, combs, brushes, bed linens, telephones, gym mats and shower stalls.
  • Cats are common carriers of ringworm


  • Complete treatment as instructed, even after symptoms disappear.
  • Minimize close contact with pets until treated.
  • Make sure the person or animal that was the source of the infection gets treated.
  • Use a floor or bath cleaner that contains a fungus-fighting agent.
  • Clean your pets environment regularly with PetsBestRx Disinfectant or bleach and water (10:1) dilution.

There is a nontoxic cure for pet ringworm. PetsBestRx products are highly effective in eliminating ringworm in pets quickly and safely. Many people ask, “how long does it take to get rid of ringworm”? The answer is simple…. In 3 to 5 days! PetsBestRx has antifungal and ringworm lotions to respond to every skin type and each type of pet!

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