Disinfect for Pet Ringworm

Disinfect for pet ringworm

Disinfect for Pet Ringworm

We hope you do not have this ringworm problem with your pet anymore; however, if you do, we wanted to be able to offer some help with disinfecting your environment to eliminate cross contamination.

Note! Unless you treat your pet and its environment for Ringworm, you will be less likely completely get rid of pet ringworm.  If you are a breeder or rescuer, your entire cattery or kennel can become infested QUICKLY!

Disinfect for Pet Ringworm Outside your home

A disinfectant with Benzalkonium Chloride based solution has been proven to be highly effective on 99.999% of the ringworm spores.

PetsBestRx recommends Benzalkonium Chloride disinfecting solutions for your environmental ringworm disinfecting when treating for ringworm. PetsBestRx  offers through PuraCleenRx two effective BC disinfectants; one that is a ready to use spray with a BC dilution of 1:400, one of the strongest solutions in the industry at an affordable price.

Disinfect for Pet Ringworm Inside your home

The other is Xtreme Cleen that is concentrated, one gallon makes 64 gallons of 99.999 ringworm killing power.  The concentrate allows you to mix your formula to your specific needs.  If you need a weak nontoxic formula, it’s no problem AND if you need a much stronger formula you have the power to mix that formula too!  Low sudsing, you can put it in your laundry or use it at full dilution in a Scooba safely for hard surface floors.

We do not know of another Pet Ringworm solution on the market that attacks all strains of the fungus ON YOUR PETS BODY, IN YOUR PETS ENVIRONMENT (so important for re-infestation) AND ALSO PREVENTS your other family pets, family & friends from the infestation.

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pet ringworm disinfecting

Disinfect for pet ringworm