question mo bash ? SG3 prices in Germany and hip dysplasia in German shepherd dog
Good morning. I am considering a German Shepherd puppy from this breeder here. The announcement said that the father of the puppies SG3 is evaluated in Germany. If I’m the guy on the phone (before the puppy) examines the history of hip dysplasia, he said he could guarantee that the puppies are not, since parents are x-rayed for them, and since he started, he produces and sells more than 50 puppies, all of which end up with hip dysplasia-free, as they grew up. And then he added, “like the announcement says, the father SG3 is classified in Germany, because both parents were imported from Germany, and there was listed as free of hip dysplasia.” Do you think that guarantees the puppy free of the disease? I have not visited or seen the man you Welpen.Glauben that this guy is honest? Do you think I should go? I really hate having to see my dog ??suffer in pain until death. Please help if you know enough about it. . Best answer thank you:
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I think is a security issue in Germany.
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