German Shepherds Providing Security

When considering a German Shepherd for protection it is important that the required training be accomplished by a professional, in the field. The fundamentals must be mastered by the dog first. The dog must be able to mechanically follow basic orders like sit. This will demonstrate to the professional that the dog is prepared for the security orders and will probably react well to the instruction. When looking for a protection dog, remember that there are certain liabilities that will go with the instruction.

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Protection from a German Shepherd is unique. Their ancestors have been protecting sheep and cattle for a long time. German Shepherds are ideal for defense training. They need to be totally loyal to the owner to become great at defense. Be cautious of some things. Remember that this canine will have to operate well off lead in addition to on lead. Distance from the owner shouldn’t interfere with the understanding of the dog.


Padded suit training


The padded suit training phase is one of the most difficult . Your dog might not distinguish you is a padded suit. The specialist will demonstrate what he needs you, as the owner to do, in padded suit training. Your dog should pick up on your tone and voice. Without aggravation, your dog may attack the wearer of the padded suit. The professional will teach you the accurate words to use with your shepherd to initiate the protection mode of the dog. These words shouldn’t be used during normal training. You will be mentored how to “send” the dog and how to stop a “send” in midstream. Your command should be adequate to curb the aggressive stance of your puppy.

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Again you must understand that the dog needs to be rewarded for accomplishing the desired behavior. Never be without treats as the goodies reinforce what you are trying to accomplish with the shepherd. A German Shepherd with defense training will be good as a ranch hand. He will still be an outstanding pet. It is hard for one to explain how an animal trained to attack will be so docile in the house, but that is just the way it is. These dogs want to protect their owners and family and will react on their own if the conditions warrant an aggressive posture.

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Choose the Guide Well


A specialist in security instructor is needed. If you hire a bad trainer, it will be hard to unlearn all the things taught to the canine. A German Shepherd with protection skills can be a well-rounded dog.