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Mange In Cats According To The Experts

Mange in cats is one of the most typical illness among cats. Aside from a few breeds, cats are covered with shielding hair which can make it difficult to see if your cat has a skin problem creating. It is needed to frequently look at the cat’s skin for issues that might occur. Caress your…

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Vet treatments that do not work.

I wanted to share a new testimonial that we received from one of our customers. As the Customer Service Manager at Q-Based Healthcare, I am so happy my team is able to help customers with cat ringworm everyday. It makes for a very rewarding career. Here is what she wrote. “Just wanted to let you know our story regarding a kitten we…

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Review Pet Skin Care Products

Julie from Australia wrote us pleading for help with her Pug’s skin. Her Pug was experiencing extreme skin problems. When we got her e-mail, the pet lover in us all went out to her. We love helping with pet’s skin ailments. No matter what skin problem your pet may have we have something can help.…

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