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First Aid Treatments for the dog’s laceration

The need to have the contact numbers of the vet in a conspicuous place cannot be stressed enough. Dogs are always injured because these are very energetic animals. A dog that comes home one day with an injury would not really be surprising to an owner. Abrasions, deep gashes, cuts and lacerations are common injuries…

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Natural Horsemanship – Hoof Care Essentials For Horses

Do you desire to learn hoof care tips and techniques? Horses are what you call ungulates. Ungulates are groups of mammals which utilize the tip of the toes to support their mass when moving. Most ungulates are hoofed animals — like equines, mules, zebras, camels, deer, and giraffes. By definition, a hoof is the tip…

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SG3 prices in Germany and hip dysplasia in German Shepherds?

question mo bash ? SG3 prices in Germany and hip dysplasia in German shepherd dog Good morning. I am considering a German Shepherd puppy from this breeder here. The announcement said that the father of the puppies SG3 is evaluated in Germany. If I’m the guy on the phone (before the puppy) examines the history…

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