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First Aid Treatments for the dog’s laceration

The need to have the contact numbers of the vet in a conspicuous place cannot be stressed enough. Dogs are always injured because these are very energetic animals. A dog that comes home one day with an injury would not really be surprising to an owner. Abrasions, deep gashes, cuts and lacerations are common injuries…

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Mange Dip Toxic to Pets

¬†Mange Dip Toxic to Pets Many pet owners are advised by the vet to perform “dips” to cure mange. Vets don’t inform you of the toxic nature of these treatment dips. More often than not these dips will do more harm than good. It’s important that you know what these dips really do and you…

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The First seven Years: Keeping Them Healthy

Health For Dogs Dogs should receive first shot of vaccines alongside with their re-examination to ensure that they are in a good health.. You may also send your dog to his veterinarian to do a physical examination and see if there is an occurrence of an early problem. Radiographs (x-rays) of the hips and elbows…

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