The Dog Bark Collar Is a Helpful Piece of Equipment

The chances are you’ll invariably hear that you should never use a Dog Bark Collar on your dog because they’re cruel and inhumane. When you hear someone talking like that, it would be enough to ask that person if he or she has ever seen a dog bark collar or if they’ve tried one to feel the shock they can give. Instead of talking out of experience, they’re merely passing on the same misinformation they’ve been told in the past. It is very simple to check how inhumane are these collars even if you don’t have one at hand to test it, as you just need to know they are powered by two small penlight batteries, and think at how much harm can they really do. Dogs don’t understand electricity the way we do, because if they did, they will not be scared by the mild shock and the use of the dog bark collar won’t give any results with them. These collars don’t have the power to hurt or to cause any pain, and their efficiency is based on the surprise effect, due to the fact the dog does not understand what happens. In fact, there is no pain at all, even when the most intense shock is delivered. Your dog will feel something strange and unpleasant. Of course some people may argue that while the collars can’t harm a dog physically, they could perhaps harm the animal mentally or emotionally. This too couldn’t be any further from the truth because the dog has absolutely no way of knowing that you’re ultimately responsible for the correction he or she receives. Moreover, dogs are intelligent animals and, though they don’t understand what exactly happens, they will learn in a very short time to avoid correction just by ending their bark. There are different categories of collars, but most of them will firstly warn the dog to stop barking by a buzzing sound before the electrical shock is delivered, and this way the dog will learn to associate the two types of stimuli. When your dog barks once or twice, nothing happens, if it continues, the collar will warn by buzzing and if it still continues, the collar delivers a mild shock. You can set the collar to deliver gradual intensity shocks if the dog continues barking. A dog must bark for long to receive the highest level of correction. Your dog is smart enough to stop barking when he hears the buzzing sound. The Dog Bark Collar is extensively used in Europe, where there are the strictest anti cruelty laws in the world. Other training methods are not as successful. Professional dog trainers find hard to stop a dog barking without using these dog bark collars. An angry neighbor can hurt your dog if it never stops barking. You can also be forced by law to get rid of your dog. The use of the electronic bark collar helps you to solve this problem in a safe and humane way.