Healing & Protection Spray great for Pet Skin reactions

I wanted to share a personal success story of my own with our readers. I am the proud owner of a ruby king charles cavalier spaniel, Nuggles. She has been my canine companion and a great source of laughter and amusement for 6 years now. Recently she developed an allergy to some plant pollens¬†outside. Her underside and rear end gets itchy and she would scratch and lick until I couldn’t take it anymore. She began keeping me up at night with the constant sound of licking and scratching.

I brought home a bottle of our Pets Healing & Protection spray. After she comes in from outside I give a quick spritz to her under side and the problem has since then, ceased to exist. It’s anti-fungal properties helps eliminate the allergins and also keeps her skin from itching. She’s not scratching and licking the way she was and actually sleeps through the night now.

It’s wonderful to have something handy to give her relief. It hurts my heart to think she is in discomfort and I can’t help. Anti-allergy medicines for dogs are quite costly and I was told, aren’t even guaranteed to provide relief. I hope this helps some other pet lover’s find a solution to their pet skin problems. I’m told by customers this spray works wonders for pets with dry, flaky skin. It’s also wonderful for preventing infections on cuts and scrapes that active, busy pets might get while playing too hard.