Pet Ringworm Glows under Black Light

All About Pet Ringworm

pet ringwormDid you know that a black light test will confirm whether or not your dog or cat has ringworm? It’s true. By holding a black light over your cat or dog you will know if they have ringworm by whether or not their skin glows under the light. The fungus that produces a ringworm infection is black light sensitive and begin to glow under the light.

This is actually the same method that most vets use to detect if your pet has ringworm. So before you go and pay an expensive vet visit you can confirm at home for free if your pet has ringworm and proceed from there.

Pet Ringworm Can Be Tricky

Pet Ringworm can be tricky to get rid of if you don’t take the proper measures. In many cases, pet ringworm will result in the whole family contracting the pet ringworm fungus.

The most important measure, aside from restoring your pet to full health, is to make sure you sanitize and disinfect the pet and family’s environment. The pet ringworm fungal spores can live for short periods of time off of the host such as on pet bedding, pet housing, carpet, rugs, curtains, etc. If your family or another pet touches this surface they run a high risk of contracting pet ringworm themselves.

By disinfecting these areas with a fungicidal disinfectant spray you are taking a big step towards being ringworm free again. Learn more about getting rid of pet ringworm. Pet ringworm should be treated immediately. How to treat pet ringworm? Treat Pet Ringworm now!

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Pet Ringworm Treatment

pet ringwormRingworm Treatment Breeder Grande Pack
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