Brownie, is a one year old Siamesecat who was adopted by the Smith family when he was about six weeks old. She has always been cheerful and playful even with the ringworm. Cat ringworm has been an issue for them since the Smith’s adopted her. The Smith’s were aware of Brownie’s condition before adopting her and still made the decision to take her into there home anyway. They could not resist her beautiful brown eyes and tan coat.

The Smith’s took Brownie home with extra precautions to avoid from being infected. They took a trip to there local vet’s office the next day to verify that it was a fungus. The black light test was done and it turned green in areas. To confirm the fungus, a scrapping was also done but the results would take ten days to come back. During that period Brownie was kept confined to one room where an anti-fungus cream was applied to the two small areas, and the room was vacuumed daily. The bedding was also washed daily. Once the test came back, they had a second confirmation that it was a fungus. The vet suggested a Sulfur Dip and an oral medicine. But what the Smith’s were not advise was how harmful the oral medicine would be to her. If the dips were not bad enough. They smelled awful and stained things as well as it seemed to drain her and made her hair fall out. They noticed more itching and open lesions. After the fist dip the Smith’s were not satisfied with the results and started to search the web for answers. That is when they first found out how dangerous the oral medication was for there ” brown bomb shell” as they sometimes call her. That is when they stumbled upon

Needless, to say they didn’t return to there next dipping and stopped giving her the oral meds. They started the regimen using the Sulfinex Cream (White Sulfur non staining and odorless) on the affected areas two times per day a light layer and rub into the skin at least 4 hours apart. This product will dry the fungus to kill it and will help heal open legions on the skin. The Healing and Protection Spray is an antimicrobial formula  which is an antifungal defense which helps sooth the skin and kill the fungus and bacteria. This product can be used on small affected areas as well as the whole coat to help kill fungus. This product was applied in a light layer to the entire coat and the affected area daily and rubbed into the skin one time a day. The Disinfectant Spray was also used to the kill the fungus on contact on furniture and hard surfaces.

The Smith’s used this regimen for two weeks and noticed a huge improvement.  Brownie’s hair started to grow back and she became more active and playful. She returned to the way she was previous to the dip and oral medications. They are now a happy family enjoying there daily lives. They are now fungus free  after only four weeks.