Safe enough for Kittens — Customer Testifies to It

We received a wonderful report just the other day from a very happy customer of Pets’BestRx. We always love to hear follow-up stories from our customers and we also like to pass them along to others. A sickly kitten brought back to health story is something everyone likes to read.

When I got to work one day this week I read the following e-mail that was sent to one our customer service representatives. It definetly put a smile on face and hope it does the same to yours.

Jan W. wrote “I bought the cat ringworm pack for a foster kitten who came down with ringworm and I can’t thank you enough. The Sulfinex and spray really work.  It took about 4 – 5 weeks for total resolution for my foster kitten, but she had it for nearly 3 weeks before that.  The vet was trying to decide what I should do to save money even though he was leaning toward the mega expensive internal medicine, which I would not give to any cat.  I gave up on him and went with your product and I am so glad!  I just recommended it to another friend whose new kitten (and now daughter) came down with it as well.  Thank you for a great non-toxic product!”

I think one of the great features of our products is the fact that they are tough acting but safe enough to use on even kittens.