Q&A: What is the Holistic tx for “Mange” a cat has?


Cat Mange Problems

Question by Dr. Madelyn: What is the Holistic tx for “Mange” a cat has?
I have adapted a cat that my neighbor does not want. She is 10 years old and looks like her hair is coming out i globs. Anyone know what this is. She is a calico, multicolored cat I also am interested if anyone might know any remedies for Mange?? Thanks, Madelyn

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Cat Mange Issue

Answer by ohxgoodnessxme
yep, that’s mange. it’s just a folicular disease. the only thing you can do is take her to the vet, get medicine, and she’ll be all better. i’m sure there is herbal or do-it-yourself remedies, but in my experience, the vet works the best.

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