Discover Home Remedies For Your Dog Mange Problems

Should you ever run across a dog with blotches of baldness, you would be safe in assuming it has a serious case of mange. It is brought about by mites that are too small to actually see, which makes the animal itch like the dickens. The dog might create secondary infections by scratching and biting itself nonstop.

If your dog ever gets symptoms of mange, you will have to make a decision. Are you going to go to a vet, who is going to prescribe toxins which may sicken your dog and jeopardize her health, while charging you a lot of money? Or will you do what more people are doing every day and treat her with alternative protocols that do not put her at risk?

You can always use the vet as a last resort, although for many people, it works the other way around. When the vet’s solutions did not help, or possibly hurt the dog, they learned about the home remedies.

The alternative solution that is receiving the most excitement at this time is to mix about fifteen hundred cc of one percent hydrogen peroxide with borax. Since stores sell 3% HP, you will dilute it with water 3 to 1 in this manner. Take a pint bottle of HP and put it in a pail with a quart of water. Now get three huge tablespoons of borax and mix that in there and stir really well for quite a few minutes. Try to dissolve as much of the borax as you are able to.

Note: Do not use boric acid in place of borax. You will soak your dog as many times as you can, with the solution. Don’t pour it all at once. Do not rinse or dry the dog off. You can wash and dry the dog first, but give it an hour before doing this, to make sure it is dry. If you do it to a wet dog, it will not work nearly as well. Do this once a week.

Another alternative solution is to put mayonnaise all over your dog for as long as you can keep it, up to an hour. Rinse with water and towel the animal dry.

Keeping in the salad theme, get a bottle of organic raw apple cider vinegar and mix it with water, on an equal basis. A few times a week you can soak down your dog, thoroughly by spraying this on her. Let it air dry.

This concludes with a very special herb that you are going to want to get not only for your dog’s mange, but for its health and your health, as well. It is called Pau d’Arco, and it is a proven to be antiparastic, antibacterial, anticancerous, antifungal, and anticandida. If you get capsules, you can put open them and put half a human dosage in the dogs food daily, and you can also do it in liquid form. There is also a Pau d’Arco skin care product you can apply topically.

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