Review : Ergo Outdoor Pet Pond Feeder

Have an outdoor pet? Need something to make sure your pet stays on regular feeding schedule even if you can’t make it home in time? Maybe you have a special event you need to attend and can’t be home to fill that food bowl.

We have something to fill this need. The ergo outdoor pet pond feeder is the perfect solution to the times you can’t be there to fill the bowl yourself. It’s great for small and big dogs alike, cats, ferrets, rabbits and even a fish pond. It’s designed for indoor or outdoor use. The clear storage container also you to see food levels to know when it needs to be refilled.

The airtight container keeps food fresh and safe from the rain and weather. Precise feeding is accomplished easily with the timer setter and you can even control the amount of food it releases. Metal Over Molded Self-Lubricating Nylon Auger Prevents Jamming And Provides A Smooth And Quiet Performance. Food Agitator Is Included In Large And Medium Feeders To Prevent Food From Getting Stale.

Safety Interlock Switch And Safety Basket Disables The Feeder In The Event The Storage Container Is Removed. Unlike Vertical Augers In Other Automatic Feeders, This Feeder Has A Horizontal Feed Auger System Which Provides Precise Control Over Feed Rate.

The features are endless and it’s sure to satisfy your pet’s feeding needs. Learn more about the Ergo Outdoor Pet Pond Feeder.

Facts to Know About Pet Staph Infection

What is Pet Staph?

Staph infections are common bacterial infections of the skin of dogs and cats. They infect the outer skin of the dog as well as the hair follicles of the fur.The direct cause of the infection is a bacteria called Staphylococcus.

How can a dog / cat get Staph infection?

The easiest way for your dog or cat to get a staph infection is from an exposed open wound not properly disinfected or from the result of constant scratching due to ear or mange mites. The insatiable itch your pet feels when they suffer from mange or ear mites can lead to excessive scratching and the dirt and bacteria collected on your pets feet and nails will enter an open wound and lead to staph infection.

Can I prevent my pet from contracting a Staph Infection?

You can take steps to ensure your pet’s environment is properly disinfected and they are bathed regularly with a anti-bacterial pet wash. It is important the disinfectant used to clean your pet’s bedding, kennel and living quarters is safe and non-toxic. You don’t want to clean with a product that could be deadly to your pet if they lick it or breathe the fumes. We reccommend the products offered by PuraCleenRx.

PuraCleenRx offers a concentrated formula, Xtreme Cleen, that when diluted goes a long way especially for the pet owners with multiple pets and offers a safe, reasonable cleaning solution for breeders and kennels. One gallon of Xtreme Cleen can make 64 gallons of disinfecting solution tested and proven effective when eliminating the Staph bacteria from the environment.

Learn more about Pet Staph Infections.