How to Treat Dog Ear Mites

Treating Dog Ear Mites

ear mitesFinding way to cure ear mites? Dog ear mites are considered to be blood sucking parasites that live within the ear canals of your animal. Ear mites are a major health concern for animals. Not only are these mites a nuisance to your animal, they can also lead to deafness if they are not properly treated.

These parasites (ear mites) feed off of your animals bodily fluids in order to live. Typically, household animals are prone to ear mite infestation. These mites can attack the ear canals of dogs, cats and rabbits.

Typically, animals that do not receive proper hygienic care are prone to obtaining an ear mite infestation. The infection can cause redness, inflammation and even open wounds within your dogs ear canal. Crusty discharge may also be present in animals that are affected with a severe ear mite infestation.

If you suspect that your dog has ear mites, you must keep your dog away from other animals and visit your local veterinarian as soon as you possibly can. Generally, a veterinarian will diagnose dog ear mites by performing a basic ear exam on your animal. They will obtain a sample of the parasite from your dogs ear and evaluate the organism underneath a microscope.

Dog Ear Mites Medications

There are a lot of medications available on the market to assist dog owners with clearing up their animals ear mite problem. Some of these treatment options include oral medications, as well as topical medications. A topical medication is a type of medication that will need to be applied directly onto the problem site.

There are some over the counter medications that an owner can attempt to use to clear up dog ear mites, if they do not have the time to take their animal to a vet. Be aware, that if your dogs condition is classified as being severe, you will need to visit a vet in order to obtain a more effective treatment option for the problem.

It is difficult to eliminate dog ear mites in your animal. However, with proper treatment dog ear mites can clear up within a months time. While you are treating your dogs ear mite problem, you will need to cease any interaction that they have with other animals, in order to avoid the problem from spreading the ear mites.

Never cut the treatment regiment for dog ear mites short. If you do not follow the entire regiment, there is a chance that the ear mites condition will come back. So, how to cure ear mites or how to treat ear mites?

Best Recommended Dog Ear Mites Treatment

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Ear Mite Pack is used when you want to take the more aggressive approach when treating your pet’s skin ravaged by Ear Mites.

  • (1) 2 oz. / 59 ml Ear Wash Treatment
  • (1) 2 oz. / 59 ml Healing & Protection Spray

This Ear Mite Pack repairs skin, removes debris, and also prevents infections.

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For best result, use ear mite pack together with ear wash treatment. It is a deep penetrating skin cleaner to treat skin affected by Ear Mites, debris and irritants

It cleans and promotes healing. It is safe to use on all animals including birds and reptiles.