Ear Mites Home Remedies Tips

ear mitesWant to know about ear mites home remedies?  If your pet is scratching it’s ears and maybe sharking it’s head, then its time to check for ear mites. Ear Mites that can pester your pet, and make your dog or cat very uncomfortable. Ear Mites are very tiny creatures and can be spread to all pets in your house. So make sure that all the pets in your house are treated. Here are some home remedies ear mites will just hate.

If you pet is infected with ear mites, when you look at the pet’s ears, there will be a buildup of ear wax, with very tiny black bits. This is an indication of ear mites. First you will need to clean the pet’s ears with using eyedropper or a medicine dropper with a plunger, using vegetable, mineral or olive oil to get the ear mites. Put the oil in the ear, rubbing the oil to help loosen the ear mites dirt. Finish by wiping gently with a cotton ball to remove the oil along with the wax and ear mites debris. A cotton swab can be used, but be very careful that you do not push the debris further into the canal of the ear or puncture the canal of the ear.

Vinegar For Ear mites Treatment

Vinegar is also a good ear cleaner due to ear mites, us 2 parts water to 1 part vinegar. Peroxide and alcohol in equal parts can also be used. Follow the same steps, apply, rub and remove. Stinging can occur if the ears seem sore or red.

Oils whether it be corn, olive or mineral, will smother the ear mites, with several applications. Vitamin E mixed with Almond oil is also a good treatment. Measure one-half cup of almond oil with 400 IU vitamin E. This should be done every other day for six days, skip three days and then repeat this schedule for 6 wks for ear mites treatment.

Yet another method is yellow dock root mixed with water. Use nine drops of extract with 1TBS water. With this type of treatment, the solution should be applied every other day, till the mites are gone. This may take a while, perhaps several months. Don’t stop too early, as the mites have to go through a entire life cycle.

Four cloves of garlic, crushed into one cup of olive oil is another great treatment. Soak the garlic over night in the oil, discard garlic the next day and apply the garlic oil in of the ears. Ending with a good rub and cleaning with cotton. This oil is better if it is warmed a bit.

Whatever home remedies ear mites will not stand a chance and you and your pet will be much happier. Is cat ear mites cleaning the ear with peroxide the method can also be used ?

If your pet exhibits the itching ear mites cause, learn about some of the home remedies ear mites find effective. Ear mites treatment will be a welcome relief for dogs or cars suffering from the microscopic infestation. What is the best treatment for ear mites?

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