Pet Care

First Aid Treatments for the dog’s laceration

The need to have the contact numbers of the vet in a conspicuous place cannot be stressed enough. Dogs are always injured because these are very energetic animals. A dog that comes home one day with an injury would not really be surprising to an owner. Abrasions, deep gashes, cuts and lacerations are common injuries…

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Health benefits of Broccoli to Dogs

Vegetables are healthy foods and people are aware of this fact. This is why dog guardians would try to incorporate vegetables to the dog’s diet. Dogs are not picky eaters and the vegetables will be consumed with gusto. Dog owners use vegetables to add to the palatability of the dog’s dry food. Commercially prepared pet…

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Insuring Your Pet’s Healthcare

What are the commonest reasons a pet owner will bring his dog, cat, or hamster into a vet’s clinic? According to insurance companies, vehicle accidents are at the top of the list: animals being hit by vehicles. Irrespective of whether or not they survive, costs to the owners can be thousands of bucks. Next in line are ingesting items the dog or moggy should not have eaten, and types of cancer. Taking care of an animal can be like looking after a kid in some ways: they get into everything and have to be studied all of the time, especially when they're little.

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