Arthritis in Dogs; New Videos to Help Pet Owners from The Veterinary Expert

Arthritis in Dogs; New Videos to Help Pet Owners from The Veterinary Expert

Dr Andrew Coughlan of the Veterinary Expert

(PRWEB) November 24, 2010

Arthritis in dogs is an ongoing and serious challenge for millions of pet owners throughout the world. Many dogs have their quality of life badly affected by arthritis, and some are barely able to walk. There is a huge amount of information from so called ‘arthritis experts’ on the internet. Some of this advice is at best useless, and there is also information that is potentially damaging to the health of dogs if applied by well-meaning owners. How do owners know who to trust and what advice to take to help attain the best quality of life possible for their dog?

The Veterinary Expert is a brand new website developed in response to demand for accurate and authoritative information on pet conditions. Arthritis in dogs is the first condition to be addressed. At owners can watch free videos by leading veterinary orthopaedic specialist Dr Andrew Coughlan. They’ll find out what the first question is that they must ask when their pet has been diagnosed with arthritis; how a diagnosis is made and the all important areas of treating and managing the condition.

Arthritis is big business in dogs as well as in human medicine, and large pharmaceutical companies promote their drugs heavily both to owners and to veterinary surgeons. Arthritis in dogs is usually a chronic condition that will need to be managed over a long period of time. Costs of drugs and supplements can mount to thousands of pounds over a dog’s lifetime. These costs can be often be kept to a minimum with a tailored exercise and diet modification plan which increases quality of life for the dog and saves money for the owner.

Dr Coughlan has treated hundreds of dogs of all shapes and sizes with arthritis and is uniquely positioned to provide accurate and helpful veterinary information and advice for owners of dogs with arthritis. To watch the free video series go to the Arthritis in Dogs website now.


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Alternate Options To Cure Mange

A lot of mammals have problems with a skin disease generally known as  mange and this document will tell us exactly how to cure mange. Generally, it’s caused by a mite burrowing under the skin. Mange seems to be most typical in dogs and cats, although other animals may get it. There are several varieties of mange but, thankfully, just a few affect your pets. The mites can’t be seen using the naked eye however their effects can be seen quite clearly. Some mange seems to be dandruff and it has a short lifespan.

There are actually three principal kinds of mange: 
• Notoedric Mange: Scaly appearance on the pores and skin that begins on the ears and arises to affect the physical structure without treatment. This type is more prevalent among dogs, cats, rabbits, as well as humans. • Sarcoptic Mange: This sort is most typical in dogs and mostly strikes areas with no hair. It’s quite itchy and it is sometimes called canine scabies. This mange may spread amongst cats and humans. • Demodectic Mange: Hair follicles are typically most affected with this particular mange. This very itchy and hard to cure mange can spread over the entire body. However, early treatment solution delivers some success.

The earlier medication for mange is begun, the higher the chances of effectively getting rid of it. There are lots of shampoos, medications and injections to control mange but in addition there are home remedies that could work just as well with no chemicals. In addition to treatment, some cases of mange are so bad that shaving or quarantine is necessary to keep it from transmitting with other pets.

Most home made remedies for mange involve: 

• Brush the pet’s fur frequently. This can help remove scabs and skin. • Ears can be especially uncomfortable when mange assaults. To treat inside the ears, use two tablespoons of plain yogurt that contains acidophilus and rub it inside of the ears. • One tablespoon of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar added to your pet’s meal will treat and also decrease mange. • A reliable home remedy to treat mange is to use a mixture of one percent hydrogen peroxide with borax and also water. Dissolve completely and bathe your dog by using this mixture at least one time weekly.
Mange is definitely an uncomfortable condition for your pet and whatever you can do to safeguard your pet from catching vital.


Mange helps make your dog or even cat quite miserable and it’s for this reason that you want to use natural home remedies to arrive at agreeable symptoms. Adhere to these very simple methods to cure mange.

Treatment for mild dog arthritis?

Question by Libertarians 4 real choice: Treatment for mild dog arthritis?
After ruling out other possible problems with extensive blood work and a physical, my vet thinks that the most likely cause for by 9-yr-old Boston Terrier’s irritability and loss of interest in play is mild inflammation of his joints. She prescribed a few ml of a drug called Metacam, which she described as being “like Motrin for dogs.” The drug has helped him a lot, but it’s $ 25 for a tiny bottle (30 day supply). I’m wondering if there is a less expensive, effective treatement, or a source for vet drugs that’s not so prohibitive. (I’m already giving him glucosamine and chondroitin supplements)

Best answer:

Answer by lolipoplili
There are less expensive drugs you can use. Apsirin and prednisone being the most inexpensive. They both can have potential side effects, but if they do occur they usually go away when treatment is stopped. There are other drugs as well but the cost may be more than asprin or pred. Ask you vet about dosing for these drugs and a cost comparasin for the pred, the aspirin is obviously over the counter so you can check that out yourself after you have a dose.(using an aspirin that is maalox coated is best)

The glucosamine your using? Is it Cosequin? Many OTC brand do not have the affective form in them if they have any of what they say is in them at all.

Another option to look into is acupuncture.

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