Treat Mange

Treat mange

Treat mange

We listed below three great reasons to NOT Chemically Treat Mange when your Vet will suggest to you when when he is treating your pet for Demodectic Mange.   It is totally up to you, but we thought this information might help you to make a decision on how to attack this mange problem if you are considering Chemically Treat Mange

Treat Mange #1 –

Amitraz dip, the only approved medication for demodicosis, has SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS to Chemically Treat Mange, including causing death in up to 30% of patients treated with it. Considering that waiting to see what happens is successful therapy in 80% of dogs, taking this risk prematurely does not seem justified.

Treat Mange #2 –

To Chemically Treat Mange, the chemicals used are not only detrimental to your pet, but also to your family.
To Chemically Treat Mange will Cost the Vet cost which will most likely be around $1500.00 or you have other non toxic options such as . PetsBestRxTM Mange Treatments which could cost up to $150.00. depending on the size of your pet.

Treat mange #3 –

Lime-Sulphur insecticide solutions – Veterinarians usually preside this to treat mange. Normally, they will mix lime, sulphur, and mite insecticide to create a solution that they can dip or bathe the dog in to treat mange. Invermectin is the most common substance used to treat mange. A lot of clinical studies had proven its effectiveness as far as sarcoptic mange is concerned.
treat mange
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