Mitaban & Ivermectin

Mitaban & Ivermectin

Mitaban & Ivermectin

Mitaban & Ivermectin carries a warning that it may be fatal to dogs, especially herding breeds. Many times, our Customers come to us because their pet’s condition has got worse from the approved treatments of Mitaban & Ivermectin and now they’re stuck with a heavy infestation they can’t get rid of. The pet is miserable and by this time his immune system is shot because they were administered Mitaban or Ivermectin! PetsBestRx Mange Treatments work with your pets immune system and the best part of all…. Is that they are non toxic mange products!  Mitaban & Ivermectin take over your pets immune system and brings it down.

Mitaban, which is no longer sold in some areas, has the active ingredient Amitraz. Amitraz belongs to a class of formamidines. The Mitaban treatments last up to 2 to 3 months, with dips every two weeks. The mange cure actually degrades when exposed to air and becomes very toxic. Generally, mange dips must be given by a Vet and the mange cure rate on the recommended mange dose is approximately 60%. Dogs not cured by the recommended dose have been given up to 5 times the recommended dose which resulted in a cure rate up to 85%. These excessive Mitaban dosages have resulted in respiratory failure, cancer and general immune system failure.

Both Mitaban & Ivermectin are Toxic products

Neither of these TOXIC products, Mitaban & Ivermectin treats the bacteria infestation that accompanies mange and requires heavy antibiotics to fight the mange infection your dog’s suppressed immune system can’t fight.   Our mange treatment tackles in the infection head on!

Head Caution when Mitaban & Ivermectin are administered to your pet when you really have a non toxic mange cure solution available for you and the best part of all is that it actually works.

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Caution: Mitaban & Ivermectin Toxic to people and pets

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