Mange Mites Burrowing

Mange Mites

Mange Mites Burrowing

We hope that you have found some way to eliminate your pets Mange Sarcoptic or Demodectic Mange Mites Itching symptoms. Many pet owners do not understand the difference between the two kinds of mange mites.  I thought you might appreciate this information and what causes the Mange Mites Itching.

Symptoms Sarcoptic Mange Mites is the less serious, yet more highly transmittable type of mange mites and causes extreme Mite Itching. Sarcoptic mange mites, aka “Scabies”, has zoonotic potential, meaning that you can get it from your pet! The disease in dogs is sometimes called ‘red fox mange’ or ‘wombat mange’.

The mite’s Mite Itching motion while burrowing into and moving on top of the skin causes extreme itching followed by flaky or scabby dandruff and loss of hair. Sarcoptic mange mites are much easier to cure than Demodectic mange mites because the Sarcoptic mange mites do not burrow deep into the skin of your pet therefore; our PetsBestRx TM mange mites treatment works quickly and effectively as a cure for Sarcoptic mange mites in dogs and other animals and completely eliminates the Mite Itching. Additionally the mange mites don’t have a chance with our mange mites treatments..

Demodectic Mange mites are also know as red mange mites

Demodectic Mange is commonly referred to as Red Mange, Demo Mange, & Demodex Mange. Demodectic Mange is more serious due to its ability to spread quickly and because it is much harder to treat, yet most of the time the pet does not experience Mite Itching

It is difficult to treat successfully because the secondary bacterial infections, often staphylococcus, are very debilitating on the general health of the affected animal. This mite burrows into the skin of your pet deep within the oil glands, attacking the hair follicle which can result in major hair loss. It is unlikely to infect man.

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mange mitesSarcoptic mange is also known as canine scabies.  It is the result of an infestation of Sarcoptes scabei canis mite.  These mites typically burrow into the ski of the dog in order to lay their eggs.  Sarcoptic mange in dogs is caused by infection with the sarcoptes species mite. Sarcoptic mange, also called scabies, is cause by a form of the Sarcoptes scabei mite.

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