Mange In Humans

What is Mange in Humans

Mange in humans is commonly called Scabies. Although a mange mite and and a scabies mite are fairly similar,the mange mites that infect humans will not mate and duplicate themselves on a human. This means that if you become infested with your pets mange mites, the mites will burrow slightly into your skin and will die within a couple of weeks.

The term Mange in humans simply means that you’ve been infested with your pets mange mites. These mange mites are not harmful or dangerous to you; however they are highly contagious and will cause a lot of discomfort. There is no findings that show that mange mites carry any kind of disease or can cause other health problems.

Yes, you will itch intensely, and if you actually don’t do anything at all, the itching will eventually stop. But who wants to itch intensely! There are non toxic products on the market that will kill the mange mites and the scabies mites dead. You can use the treatments safely and you can use them as often as you need.

Mange in Humans- is it contagious?

The mange mites will not burrow deep into your skin as they do when they are on their most favorite host… your pet. Merely touching your mange infested dog, could cause the parasites to move over on your and onto your skin.  Mange is highly contagious, even to humans.

Mange in Humans or Scabies will seem like an allergic reaction to something on your skin. You will most likely get a rash on your skin near one of the areas shown and it usually affects the folds in your skin first, such as your Armpits, Chest / Under Breasts, Fingers Skin under Jewelry and Watches, Belt Line’ Inner Thigh, Genital Area and Buttocks.

Scabies usually begins in the body’s warm humid folds and crevices and where garments or jewelry press against the skin, such as:

Mange in Humans or Scabies Areas

Scabies Areas

  • Armpits
  • Chest / Under Breasts
  • Fingers
  • Skin under Jewelry and Watches
  • Belt Line
  • Inner Thigh
  • Genital Area
  • Buttocks

Primary symptoms of the scabies mite or mange in humans is intense itching, especially at night with a pimple like rash that resembles insect bites. It’s not uncommon having trouble determining if it is “mange in humans” or “scabies” because the rash resembles so many other things. If someone else in your family is itching with a rash too, chances are, you have contracted “mange in humans” from your pet or you’ve been in contact with another person who has scabies.

Is it Scabies?

Scabies On handScabies On handScabies

Treating for “mange in humans” or scabies is a two step process and if not done simultaneously, most likely, you will not be successful eradicating the mites. It’s important to understand that the chances of being reinfested or passing the mites on to a family member is great because Scabies or “mange in humans” mites can live off the host for a period of time only to re-infest you later. Eradicating parasites from your home, your mattress, your favorite chair, your car, your carpet and your clothes puts you in a position for success. Visit our Scabies site to learn more about mange in humans and how to treat it.

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