Cortisone & Mange Mites

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Mange Mites & Cortisone

Cortisone not effective as a Mange Treatment.

Far too often veterinarians will quickly reach for the cortisone, for example, Prednisone as a way of combating the effects of the “Allergic Dermatitis.” The cortisone is not a cure for mange it simply lessens the itching and scratching and the dog or cat feels more comfortable. The reason Cortisone not effective for mange mites is that it doesn’t kill the mange mites; remember that if you kill the mange mites, then the rest of the drama will end!

Cortisone is not effective against mange mites

The danger here is that if the pet really has mange mites and NOT an allergic dermatitis, the mange mites welcome the cortisone with open arms because Cortisone not effective .  The cortisone allows the sarcoptic mange mites to reproduce more rapidly and decreases the dog or cat’s ability to defend against the mange mites. The mange mites have a reproductive festival after cortisone products are administered. They begin reproducing on steriods while your pore pet is suffering from thousands of mange mites just burrowing, scratching and biting him while he is going nuts!

Some reference link on mange mites:

  • When mange only occurs in certain parts of the dog’s body, then it is localized. Usually, the parts most commonly affected are the feet, ear, and face.
  • Mange is a skin disease most popular in dogs and sometimes in cats.
  • Mange is also commonly referred to by most dog owners as scabies.
  • Mange in dogs is caused by parasitic mites living and breeding on your dog.
  • Mange is a serious and painful condition and in most cases shampoos alone are not enough to completely eradicate the mites and mange.

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