My pup was 7½ weeks old when I picked her up, I did notice a few tiny marks on her face, so when I took her to the vet at 9½ weeks for worm treatment, I asked about these marks, and was told they where puppy scratches from feeding made by her litter mates. 2 weeks later these tiny marks where getting bigger so back to the vet, it was confirmed she had s.mange, It spread fairly quickly all over her face and head, so I took her back to the vet who did scrapings and confirmed D. mange, she also developed a large lump in her neck throat area she looked dreadful, but she still was very active and playful, only went off her food for 2 days, and was eating like wildfire again, gaining weight, she was very itchy. I looked on the net for puppy problems and found your Pets best Rx treatment and sent for it straight away. I also found a picture of a puppy with puppy strangles, the lump was the same as my pup’s and the more I read the more I was convinced. I asked the vet and he said it could be a secondry infection, because her immune system had not kicked in yet, I have been using your product and found it great, her fur is slowly coming back, the smell has gone, she has stopped crying with the itch, she is on antibiotics from the vet also and a shampoo. I printed your page from the net and gave to my vet, he is very interested in your product also, please find photos enclosed.

– Ruth, A, Australia (9/27/2008)

At 7 1/2 weeks of age: Ruth's Puppy at 7 and 1/2 weeks of age

8 weeks of age:Ruth's Puppy at 8 weeks old

9 Weeks of age:Ruth's Puppy at 9 weeks old with mange infection spreading

10 Weeks of age:Ruth's Puppy at 10 weeks of age with mange spreading to the top of her head and down the nose

11 Weeks of age: Ruth's Puppy at 11 weeks of age

12 Weeks of age: Ruth's Puppy at 12 weeks of age with a very red and swollen face; especially around the eyes

13 Weeks of age:Ruth's Puppy at 13 weeks of age - 1 week after using Pets'BestRx products for mange

14 Weeks of age: Ruth's Puppy at 14 weeks of age - into the 2nd week of PetsBestRx treatment - Inflammation is reduced a great deal and hair has grown back considerably

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