Gizmo's Mange Symptoms“Gizmo’s condition of generalized demodectic mange was severely worsening, even after almost 3 weeks of treatment with Ivomec. The vet was going to put him on an alternative, very costly medication that would require Gizmo to get shots regularly since the Ivomec did not seem to be working. I didn’t want to do that to him so I looked online for more information on alternative treatments and found Pets’BestRx.”

-Valerie Keen

Skeptical with a product that my vet had never heard of, I tried it anyway. Gizmo had blisters all over his body and smelled really bad because of a bacterial infection that spread because of the mange. He had patches of hair missing and no one wanted to touch him. I had nothing to lose so I called to order the product. The staff was very informative, patient, and helpful with all of my questions.

After only a few days of the treatment I noticed the stench was gone from the bacterial infection and there were no more blisters. His skin continued to get better and after only a couple of weeks, his hair was growing back! Now he’s all better.

Ivomec vs. Pets’BestRx

Ivomec Treatment

Day 11 Gizmo Ivomec 1 This is day 11 of his Ivomec treatment; it started off as a little spot on his back and has spread to his legs and face. After 11 days of Ivomec, it seemed to be getting worse!
Day 18 Gizmo Ivomec 2 His condition was continuing to worsen. Chunks of fur were falling out, his skin was infected, and skin scrapings at the vet showed that mites were not dying. At this point, my vet was going to recommend an alternative, very costly treatment. This is when I found Pets’BestRx while searching the internet for a cure.

PetsBestRx Treatment

Day 1 Gizmo PetsBestRx 1 This shows his 23rd day of Ivomec and his 1st day of Mitacin. He had pink and red blistered skin. Patches of fur were completely gone. His skin smelled really bad because of bacterial infection. Still skeptical of a product my vet had never heard of, I continued to use Ivomec in addition to Mitacin.
Day 1 Gizmo Day 1 continued Another picture of Day 1.
Day 8 Gizmo Day 8 Skin completely healed, no anitbiotics needed, but fur has not grown back yet. After skin scraping at the vet, results showed that out of 25-30 mites found, only 1 was alive.
Day 16 Gizmo Day 16 Skin got really dry and flaked off, revealing new healthy skin. Little hairs started coming in. Fur on his face and front legs have grown i
Day 21 Gizmo Day 21 His fur has almost completely grown back in only 3 weeks! His skin is healthy and he’s not itchy. I continued his Ivomec treatment throughout his treatment because I didn’t want to take him on and off meds in case Mitacin did not work but I started seeing results only after using Mitacin. From my observation, 23 days of Ivomec made him worse while 21 days of Mitacin cured him comple
Day 28 Gizmo Day 28 All the patchy areas have filled in and his chest is white again instead of pink

Valerie Keen
Aliso Viejo , CA

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