Gabbi the dog“I am so happy with Q-Based Healthcare; their outstanding customer service and products have been truly a Godsend. Their product line has everything you need to keep your pet’s skin in wonderful condition, natural products that don’t poison our pets, the environment or us, but kill conditions such as mange and ringworm are the best. Not to mention the savings in cost. The estimated cost by thevet to curemy puppy’s Demodectic Mange was$1,500.00- I spentless than $200 on the kits of Pets’BestRx that has cured my precious GabbiAdora for GOOD!”

“You can clearly see, by the photographs taken in April of ’05, after constant six months of homeopathic care of our puppy, she was in really bad shape.”

Photos taken on April 16, 2005:

Gabbi April 16, 2005Gabbi2 April 16, 2005

Photos taken After it became even Worse…

Gabbi WorseGabbi Worse2

“After purchasing the Pets’BestRx Mite and Mange Combo, there were immediate results. After a few short months, my sweet puppy has made a complete turn around.”

Began Using PetsBestRx on May 7, 2005.

Photos taken on July 23, 2005:

Gabbi July 23, 2005Gabbi2  July 23, 2005

Gabbi3 July 23, 2005Gabbi4 July 23, 2005

We purchased a purebred Pembrook Welsh Corgi Puppy in June of 2004, when she was about seven weeks old. The dame was breed in her second heat and was well under two years old. My “soulmate” dog had just gone to Heaven – I was, so lonely and sad and missed my Corgi so. Pembrook Welsh Corgis are not the easiest breed to find — they are somewhat difficult to breed and reputable breeders are ultra-careful. However, my heart was empty and I was desperate — I found some pups and they were only about a four hour drive away.

We spent a good two hours at the farm where the pups were. At the time, we did not notice things we probably should have. The breeder’s husband is a vet, although his specialty is race horses, it still gave us a false sense of security and blinded us to the red-flags we should have noticed while there. Just a little warning for those seeking out purebred dogs — MAKE SURE YOU PURCHASE FROM A REPUTABLE BREEDER.

We took our new pup to our vet right away and things seemed great. When she was about three or four months old, she started having skin problems and back to the vet we went. Our vet was hoping it was just an over abundance of puppy mites. But when the condition got worse we found out that it was serious — it was DEMODEX.

I am severely chemical sensitive — when my vet told me what the treatment and the cost would entail, I was devastated. However, the worst part came when I did my own research on the condition and found out how serious the illness can become. You can clearly see, by the photographs taken in April of ’05, after six months of constant homeopathic care of our puppy, she was in really bad shape. The homeopathic treatment plan barely kept the condition in check. The plan eliminated wheat totally from her diet, she ate 75% organic meat (lamb, turkey, chicken, beef) and 25% vegetables (check, some vegetables are not good for dogs), she also got doses of Echinacea, Colloidal Silver, Nupro, Bifodophilus, Colostrums, Flaxseed Oil and Sulphur 6x.

Three great reasons to not use the chemical treatment your vet will suggest:

  1. Amitraz dip, the only approved medication for demodicosis, has Serious Side Effects, including causing deathin up to 30% of patients treated with it. Considering that waiting to see what happens is successful therapy in 80% of dogs, taking this risk prematurely does not seem justified.
  2. The chemicals used are not only detrimental to your pet, but also to your family.
  3. Cost.

One day when speaking with Mrs. Anne H. Bowes, the Secretary of the American Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club, I got an idea to search the internet using the caustic but classic names of the medications they use for demodex. And I found Pets’Best Rx. All I can say is thank GOD! After purchasing the Pets’BestRx Mite and Mange Combo, there was immediate results. After a few short months my sweet puppy has made a complete turn around — as you can see by the second set of photos taken in July ’05. The products actually made a difference after only the first time using them. Gabbi actually enjoys getting her treatment, too. I am down to treating her weekly or bi-weekly, but I will always use the wonderful Rejuvenating Body Wash and Skin Conditioner and keep some of the other wonderful products handy since we are a multi-dog household. I am able to apply products with my hands, and I am severely chemical sensitive, and an extra bonus – it made my nails grow!

Thank you Q-Based!

– Cherilynn La Fleur

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