Learn how Boomer goes from  being abandoned, starving & having the Worst Case of Sarcoptic Mange to a very Happy, Healthy Playful Pup!

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Boomer the DogBoomer was found abandoned on the side of a country road by a Pets’BestRx employee. It was raining and he was curled up next to his little dog porter; he couldn’t even lay in it because it was full of water. He was in very poor shape, starving, suffering from malnutrition, had Sarcoptic mange over 85% of his body and he had a severe bacterial infection with many open bloody sores

due to severe scratching. He needed a cure for sarcoptic mange immediately. Lucky for Boomer, Pets’BestRx knew what to do!

If you wanted to know what mange looks like, Boomer was a great example. Obviously, the previous owner neglected this pup in the worst way!

Having a love for animals, our employee quickly rushed home, fed him and called our office for help. We immediately rushed our pet specialist out to help him. It was horrible! He was so weak from being malnourished that he could barely walk. We knew he needed help fast.


Boomer Before Boomer Before

14 Days Later:

Boomer 14 days Boomer 14 days

4 Weeks Later:

Boomer 4 weeks Boomer 4 weeks

6 Weeks Later:

Boomer 6 weeks Boomer 6 Weeks

Boomer was a six-month-old Chocolate Lab mix that weighed approximately 22 lbs at the time. He had a terrible odor from a bacterial infection and no one wanted to touch him; he looked so pitiful and we knew that he wouldn’t stand a chance in the pound. We had to help him. We knew we had a challenge on our hands, but being confident, we used our Pets’BestRx Mange Treatment on him. In combination with the right foods and the help of our vet, we knew we could have Boomer fixed up in no time. We immediately wanted to boost his immune system with daily feedings of a good puppy food mixed with Alpo canned dog food, daily vitamins, Brewers yeast and a skin & coat supplement. Our Pets’BestRx products immediately began working on Boomer to cure his mange symptoms.

The Vet said that Boomer had the Worst case of Mange that he had ever seen!

We took Boomer to the vet five days later for a checkup because he was so sick. The vet said that Boomer had the worst case of sarcoptic mange that he had ever seen. By this point, all of the open sores were already scabbed over and he wasn’t showing anymore symptoms of having mites or other mange symptoms. Our vet was shocked at how well Boomer responded to our Pets’BestRx products. However, he wanted to give him Ivermectin shots just in case there were any Sarcoptic mites remaining; we immediately declined the shots on the grounds that we didn’t want to compromise Boomer’s already improving immune system. We knew that the possible side effects of the Ivermectin shots were just not worth the risk. Four weeks later, Boomer didn’t have any trace of any mites or mange symptoms, his sores were all healed, he gained 9 pounds, regained 99% of his hair back and is now a very happy, healthy, playful pup! He doesn’t even seem like the same dog that our employee found that fateful day! Boomer is an absolute success story and you can experience the same great results for your pet with Pets’BestRx.

For Boomer
Pets’BestRx vs. Veterinarian Treatment

Treatment with PetsBestRx
Vet Bill for check up & tests $75.00
PetsBestRx Mange Products $47.95
Total Cost $122.95
Treatment using Vet’s Advice
Vet Bill for check up – tests $75.00
6 Mitaban Dips @ $50.00 each $300.00
Additional Vet Visit @ 75.00 each $75.00
2 Skin Scrapings @ $50.00 each $100.00
3 Prescription Refills of Ivermectin @ 126.00 each $378.00
Total Cost $853.00

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Here is how Pets’BestRx worked for Boomer:

7/2/05 – We started by bathing Boomer using a 4 oz to 1 gallon solution of Pets’BestRx Rejuvenating Body Wash and Skin Conditioner, scrubbed it in and let it soak for 15 minute before thoroughly washing it off.

7/3/05 – Sprayed Pets’BestRx Healing and Protection Spray on Boomer’s sores.

7/4/05 – The odor from the severe infection still remained, but it was substantially less potent than it had been before; therefore, we bathed Boomer with the Rejuvenating Body Wash again, but at full strength this time. Dabbing it in sections and scrubbing with a soft scrub pad all over his body, we left it on for 15 minutes. We then completely rinsed and towel-dried Boomer. After waiting 30 minutes, we applied Pets’BestRx Mitactin Spray all over his body. We then sprayed him with Pets’BestRx Mitactin Enhancer and let it dry.

7/6/05 – With good nutrition, vitamins and Pets’BestRx products, Boomer’s immune system kicked in and the odor from the infection went away.

7/8/05 – We took Boomer to the vet for a checkup, skin scraping and rabies shot because we understand and believe that your vet’s opinion is invaluable when treating an animal that is as sick as Boomer was. We wanted to ensure that he was getting the best and most complete help that he could. The vet said that Boomer was actually in much better shape than he appeared. All of the open sores had scabbed over and only a few active areas with mites remained on his face and feet. Boomer now weighed 29 lbs and it was determined he was approximately 6 months old.

Total vet bill – $75.00
Total Pets’BestRx Mange Product cost – $47.00

7/9/05 – Sprayed Pets’BestRx Mitactin Spray on Boomer’s feet and face followed by Mitactin Enhancer.

7/16/05 – Bathed Boomer with Body Wash at full strength, scrubbed in with a soft scrub pad, and left it on for 15 minutes. NOTE: It’s important not to leave your dog alone while he is soaking in the Body Wash because you don’t want to let them lick the product. Then we thoroughly rinsed Boomer and toweled him dry. Thirty minutes later, we applied Mitactin, spraying it on Boomer’s legs, feet and face, followed by Mitactin Enhancer and let dry.

7/18/05 – As you can see in his “After” pictures, Boomer is progressing very well. He is very playful and happy. We expect his hair to be completely back within another month and will put him up for adoption.

UPDATE: 12/12/06 – Boomer is still doing very well. He no longer suffers from any symptoms of mange and leads a very happy life. He was adopted by the Owner of Q-Based Healthcare, Pets’BestRx’s parent company, and to this day remains a beloved member of the Pets’BestRx Family.

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