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One week into treatment using PetsBestRx products for catastrophic demo mangeJustice Before mange treatment

Mange – Justice was found stray w/ a collar embedded in his neck. He is THE worst case of mange that we have ever seen. He has infection all over his body from being left in this condition for months. Someone left him outside to die in the cold… but fate lead him to the shelter. CCHS took him into the adoption program where we has already started mange treatment.

Products used were provided by PetsBestRx

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“These are my before and after pictures of my boxer after using your mange product.”

Blaze's Mange infection before PetsBestRx treatment saved him Blaze after PetsbestRx Mange Treatment

– Miguel R

Learn How “Radio” found his Christmas Miracle Cure from Sarcoptic Mange Infection after being found

Roadside and treated with Pets’BestRx™ Mange Products!

Radio the cat suffering with sarcoptic mange infection before treatment with PetsBestRx productsRadio the Cat after petsbestrx products were used to treat the Sarcoptic Mange infection

Radio was found three days before [Christmas], trying to see thru his swollen eyes, warming himself in the sun after a rainstorm. He didn’t realize that laying beside that road was the best thing he could have done. Abandoned, cold, and starving (empty cans of ice water were found near him), with Sarcoptic mange over his entire body I rushed him to a local vet for help, and got the lyme dip etc. Two mange treatments of the lyme dip I knew that the toxic mange treatments were not good for him or me. Only 2 months old he seem affected, even by the fumes and he still breathes differently from the lyme fumes. I needed to find another solution, seaching the internet I found the Q-based mange products and it sound like what I was looking for. I need to also protect the other animals at my residence from becoming infected so I immediately ordered the Mitacin spray, Sulfinex cream and the cleaning products to combat this enemy. Thru the next weeks of mange treatments he starting looking better and better, A few extra weeks were added to his confinement for insurance to the spreading but by late March he was let loose to join the rest of our family. Most importantly the local vet I had originally taken him to was amazed at his progress and I hope will be using this product in the future. Radio was neutered at the local Humane Society and I shared pictures of him to show what this product can do, hoping to help other animals in need and not suffer with the toxic mange treatments.

Radio is a very happy, healthy, and lovable addition to our family of 5 cats, 3 dogs, 1 rabbit, 2 birds and a large variety of water, desert and box turtles. These products are truly a humane way of treating our pets and a absolute life saver for them and their owners.

– Terri C. Chino, CA

Reba and her dogs that were suffering from mange“…see the difference in such a short period of time.”

I want you to know that your mange products have saved my show dogs… We have a little ways to go but I want you to see the difference in such a short period of time..We are grateful for your help and support, we are on the way to healing.

– Reba W., Palm City, FL

Gabe's head covered in dog mange before using PetsBestRx

Gabe’s Head Before

Gabe's Head after being treated for mange infection with PetsBestRx

Gabe’s Head After

Rudy's Mange infested leg before PetsBestRx Treatment

Rudy’s Leg Before

Rudy's Leg After using PetsBestRx for mange in a short period of time

Rudy’s Leg After

Rudy's Head before Mange Treatment

Rudy’s Head Before

Rudy's Head after PetsBestRx Mange Treatment

Rudy’s Head After

Rudy's left side covered in mange before PetsBestRx treatment

Rudy’s Face Before

Rudy's Left side after being treated for mange with PetsBestRx

Rudy’s Face After


My vet wanted to put “Wylie Coyote” down!

His Demodectic Mange was out of control!

Wylie Coyote Dog“My dog ‘Wylie Coyote’ is approximately 2 years old and looks like an Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd mix with blue eyes and a blue merle coat. I adopted him about 9 months ago. He is the most loving dog and his blue eyes just make everyone fall in love with him. December 2004 is right about the time he got his first ‘hot spots’ about the size of an insect bite, which then developed into demodectic mange and just continued to spread under the care of a vet who was dipping him in Mitaban. On March 2, 2005, the vet said to put him down and that is when I contacted your website. I just could not believe my fairly healthy dog had deteriorated to this point while under the care of a vet. I started spraying the Mitactin on the sores right away and three days later, I shaved him completely myself and started the baths. His skin is almost healed. It is like a miracle. I saw results in 3 days and he is almost healed up in less than 3 weeks from natural remedies for demo mange. In addition to the mange products from you, I did get a new vet that comes to the house to check on him. I make her explain everything to me and no longer trust that a vet is going to ‘just do a good job.’ Thanks for your help.”

– Bonnie W., Texas

Mange Testimonials

Victor says overall, the Pets’BestRx Mitactin worked the best!

Scottish Terrier“I purchased your mange treatments and they worked very well. I am happy to report that my Scottish Terrier is completely healed. Thank you for your very fine mange products. I also commend your customer service as I called several times and received expert advice.The conventional vet mange treatment is very toxic and could cause future organ damage to my very special dog. I was looking for a mange treatment that was non-toxic. Other mange treatments that I looked into were staining and would discolor the coat of my wheaten Scottie. The mitacin spray also worked wonders for my Scotties ear problem. I look forward to future business and would recommend your mange products to any dog owner with a mite problem. I will also keep your mange products on hand for future use.”

– Mr. Victor Swiercz

“PetsBestRx saved my puppy’s life!”

Pets Best RX saved my puppy’s life!! I was looking for a Cocker Spaniel and found one at a no-kill shelter. A female with mange just had a litter, and I feel in love with one of the pups. The mange was treated vigorously by a veternarian, but the mange medicine almost killed the puppy.
I found Pets Best RX on a web search, and thought I’d try it. If your mange product didn’t work, the puppy would have to be put-down. I did not have much hope in the mange product working for my pet, and was very surprised that within a few days, significant improvement was seen. My puppy is now three years old, happy and frisky. Thanks Pets Best RX for giving me and my pet a happy, healthy life.

– Tim

More Mange Testimonials

“…we appreciate your products….SAFELY treat our puppy”

Bella the dog has gotten rid of her mange infection thanks to Pets'BestRxWe purchased our cocker puppy from Arkansas and had her flown to us in Washington state. When we recieved her at 8 wks. of age, she had a large impetigo sore, mites and fleas. I won’t mention the name of the “dealer”, as that is not the purpose of this writing. Our puppy was itching and scratching constanly and licking at the sore. We took her to a vet right away and like so many others, their medications and mange remedies DID NOT WORK AT ALL. So, I looked online and luckily found these FANTASTIC mange products. We used the cream, the shampoo and the spray as as directed and within 2 days she was parely scratching anymore and now it’s been 2 weeks of mange treatment and there is literally NO SIGN of the mange problem she came to us with. We can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate your mange products being there so that we could SAFELY treat our puppy. Ever in your gratitude.

– Melody L., Blaine, WA

“Constant scratching itching 24 hours a day…until he was a bloody ozing mess…in 36 hours I saw such a remarkable result”

My dog had what the vets described as a skin cndition. So They said try this try that and NOTHING worked except my wallet. I found PetsBestRx by surfing the web. I thought I may as well try it cause it cant do anymore harm then what I had been doing. My Eddie was in a TERRIBLE shape! Constant scratching itching 24 hours a day. All night he dug himself till he was a bloody ozing mess. His entire belly arm pits and ears were raw meat. After I recieved the mange cure from you folks in 36 hours I saw such a remarkable result I couldnt believe my eyes. I thought no way man! In a week he was growing hair back and no all night and day itching. I love this stuff I ordered more so that if they ever get itchy again I got it. I still wash Eddie in the shampoo and my Bobby gets it too. I bought the vitamins also and since he is over it I still give them to him and Bobby every other day in there food. I have told everybody I know about your site. I have even told people at my job. WE SELL MEDS FOR THAT ! ! ! Why have them buy it if it aint gonna work. I would rather see animals be cured. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

– Cindy

“By the first day Blaze’s convulsions had stopped…he definitely looked more relaxed and comfortable…in about a week he had some new fuzz”

Blaze's Mange infection before PetsBestRx treatment saved himBlaze after PetsbestRx Mange Treatment

I have two adorable, fun loving guinea pigs. Next thing, Blaze, somehow got mange and we didn’t know what to do about it. He was having constant convulsions and his hair was almost all gone. He had open wounds from biting the itchy places and was hardly eating or drinking anything! All the shampoos and stuff weren’t making any difference on him. Then my dad bought me Mitacin spray and Sulfinex cream. By the first day Blaze’s convulsions had stopped. By the second or third day he stopped chewing him self and started chewing his food-he definitely looked more relaxed and comfortable. In about a week he had some new fuzz and I could switch off the heating lamp. I just want to thank Pet’s Best, because I know Blaze could have died with out you. We are extremely grateful! From Natasha and Blaze. God bless!

Mange Testimonial

“…in week 2 of the mange treatment…the dogs are improving”

We rescued a Yorkie female who had an undiagnosed case of sarcoptic mange. This highly contagious mange condition spread to all our other dogs. Our vet advised that we treat all the dogs with both topical and injectable Ivermectin, so this is what we did. Not only was there no improvement, but the dogs were lethargic and didn’t feel well. He never told us to treat their environment (yard and furniture), so they were re-infected. We’ve stopped using this toxic mange product and are now treating with Pets Best Rx mange products. We’re in week 2 of the mange treatment, and the dogs are improving. Thank God for your natural mange products. We’ve also found that your mange products are helping our Yorkie girl who has allergy problems.

– Debbie W.

“After one week of treatment the mange spot is shrinking and FUR IS GROWING BACK!!!”

My eight month old English Bulldog female has had a mange spot on her left flank for about four months. I have taken her repeatedly to the vet for tests and mange treatments, yet the spot went from the size of a dime to the size of a quarter with no improvement. The vet was going to an oral mange treatment which I knew could prove fatal to bulldogs, so I went to the web and ordered your PetsBest Mange Buster Demo package of shampoo, creme, and spray. After one week of treatment the mange spot is shrinking and FUR IS GROWING BACK!!! This is amazing to me. The vet had told me to only expect dark skin on that patch of leg for the rest of my bully girl’s life. (Not an pleasant picture for any dog, let alone a conformation show dog.) Also, your mange product does not stink. In fact, all three products have almost a refreshing, minty smell. Unlike the vet prescribed cream, your white cream does not stain and I am not in fear for my own health when I apply your white cream.
Thank you for your mange products

– Johnnie

“After reading the testimonials, we ordered the product right away
…a life saver”

This stuff works wonders. Our Bulldog was diagnosed with demodectic mange, on Sept 15. The vet put her on Ivomec and Cephalexin to clear up the mange. Nothing worked for a month and she only seemed to get worse. We then stumbled across your mange product on the internet. After reading the testimonials, we ordered the mange product right away. It was a life saver. Our dog looked better three days later. It has been a battle to get her back but three months later, we finally just got our first clean scraping. Thank you Q-Based for everything.

– Greg and Asheley

Mange Testimonial

“After 2 baths and daily treatment for a few weeks only, her demodex mange has cleared completely!”

After MONTHS of mitaban dips and the last time almost killing my 9 yr. old sheltie due to a severe reaction, I got on-line to research another cure for her demodex mange that just wasn’t clearing. I found this website when looking for homeopathic treatments, and am so THANKFUL that I found it. The cost for the one kit was so minor compared to the hundreds, possibly even 1000’s of dollars already spent on trying to cure this problem. After 2 baths and daily treatment for a few weeks only, her demodex mange has cleared completely!! She has had two consecutive months of skin scrapings and no mites!! This product is a God-send and I will always be greatful for it. In fact my vet, and dermatology vet both want to know what I used!
Thank you Pets’ Best.

– Pam

“Not only is Nina getting her hair back–she is so active”

My Lasha, Nina was pitiful. What started out as what I perceived as hot spots developed into “no hair” patches. The poor thing not only looked like she had a mohawk, she was miserable. She was constatly scratching and biting herself. She was even rubbing up againt the white walls leaving stains. I felt like a terrible pet owner, like I wasn’t doing anything to help my dog. I found Qbased mange products on the internet and after reading decided to try the mange treatment. The mange products arrived quickly and I followed the directions. Not only is Nina getting her hair back–she is so active. There is no doubt that she feels great. I am so very pleased and would (and have) recommend your mange products to anybody. I don’t have a “before” picture of her, as she looked so bad it was quite embarrassing. I honestly thought we’d have to “put her down”. Again I’m so pleased that everything has turned around. I have reordered mange product to make sure that I have it on hand should anything start up again.

– Susan

“I am a very skeptical person…within 2 weeks his symptoms were gone and all the hair had grown back.”

I noticed that when my Golden Retriever began to loose his hair it was the size of a Silver Dollar and completely hairless. I contacted my Vet and he really had no answer to this symptom. I began to research the internet and stumbled upon your web site. I liked the fact that your mange product (Mitactin Spray) was non-toxic. I am a very skeptical person when it comes to situations like this but I really have to say that within 2 weeks his symptoms were gone and all the hair had grown back. I was VERY satisfied with the results. I would highly recommend this mange product.

– Robert

“Bitsy quit scratching immediately, and within a week we could see progress”

When we adopted our second dog, Bitsy, from a rescue, we were told that she had been saved from a puppy mill. She came home with us and seemed fine. But, within a week, she was scratching horribly and we noticed hairless patches on her chest, behind her ears, and under her legs. We took Bitsy to the vet, and after taking some skin scrapings, he informed us that she had Demodectic mange. He warned us that nothing would “cure” it overnight, and prescribed an ointment. Well, the ointment was really nasty, and after about a week, we weren’t seeing much in the way of results. I found your site and ordered Mitacin. It arrived promptly and we started using it right away, in conjunction with the ointment. The difference was nothing short of amazing! Bitsy quit scratching immediately, and within a week we could see progress. Within a month and a half, her “bald” spots where gone, within 4 months she had the shiniest, healthiest coat I’d ever seen! Since then, we adopted a chihuahua, which was also a puppy mill rescue, and she had Demodectic mange, too. This time, we knew exactly what to do. We ordered Mitacin, and in no time at all, our chihuahua was mange free and healthy! I’ve recommended Mitacin to everyone who has asked me about Demodectic mange. Even my vet was astounded at the effectiveness of your mange product!

– Leslie

Mange Testimonial

“I could see the difference right away…
customer service…did a wonderful job of helping me”

My dog started getting Demo Mange. Took her to the vet and just to get started it cost me $300.00. The vet wanted another $300 to “hopefully” get rid of the mange. I immediately started looking on the web and found this site. I read all the testimonials and thought I would give it a try. I didn’t have anything to lose at this point. I ordered the Mange Buster Pack for Dogs with Demodectic Mange. When I started to use it I could see a difference right away. But I did have questions so I called customer service and they did a wonderful job of helping me decide how I needed to proceed in fighting the mange. Within 6 weeks hair was growing back and she was looking so good. I would highly recommend these products to anyone whos dog has mange. I am now using the shampoo as a precautionary treatment. Once again I cannot express enough my gratitude for this wonderful mange product. It’s worth every penny!

– Opal

“It’s easy to use and the spray and shampoo are just as easy”

I have a Boston Terrior and she developed red mange durring her 1st cycle. I went to the vet and they gave me Mitban tried it for 5 weeks looked a little better but a new spot was starting. I was really worried. She was not really bad yet. She had a two inch spot on her head and it was spreading. I lookd you up as I was using the mitban and wanted to try it first. When the spot was begining to spread I decide to try your mange products and hoped you were a real company and that your mange product works. IT DOES! I have only used it a little more than a week and the spot looks great. It is easy to use and the spray and the shampoo are just as easy.. I would like it if the cream was ground more so the little flakes of stuff wouldn’t get on the floor. But I will gladly sweep it up since it works great. It will be a couple more weeks before it is gone. Thank you so much. You need to get it to the vets!!! Thanks again

– Stella T. Oklahoma City, OK

Mange Testimonial

Amy’s Cats experienced amazingly prompt and powerful relief from their ringworm infection!

I am a busy mom of 4 children and 2 cats, but I have such a heart for abandoned kittens, that I started to foster them for PURRS Naperville. Sometimes it feels like playing Russian Roulette to take in these babies with an unknown unhealth history, as in the case with the last momma and her two babies. It turned out they had a skin condition, which tested positive for ringworm, even though it didn’t resemble typical ringworm. The kittens went back to the agency for treatment and I thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned my house concerned about how contagious ringworm is. PURRS director Rachael told me about Sulfinex and that it works really quickly. She emailed me 3 days later and told me how well the kittens were doing. About a week later, one of my cats developed a sore on her ear. Rachael looked and it and didn’t think it looked like ringworm either, but suggested that I order your product to be safe. After bathing my kitty in the wash, I put one dose of Sulphinex cream on the sore. At bedtime, I went to put a spot of gel on the sore and had a hard time finding it. It appeared to be about 75% improved! I like that your product covers many skin conditions and that it works so WELL. I am much more confident taking in foster animals having this product available.


“Thanks…for giving me and my pet a happy, healthy life.”

Pets’BestRx™ saved my puppy’s life!! I was looking for a Cocker Spaniel and found one at a no-kill shelter. A female with mange just had a litter, and I feel in love with one of the pups. The mange was treated vigorously by a veterinarian, but the medicine almost killed the puppy. I found Pets’BestRx™ on a web search, and thought I’d try it. If your product didn’t work, the puppy would have to be put-down. I did not have much hope in the mange product working for my pet, and was very surprised that within a few days, significant improvement was seen. My puppy is now three years old, happy and frisky. Thanks Pets’BestRx™ for giving me and my pet a happy, healthy life.

– Lisa C.

“Sadie is doing so much better”

“Good morning. Well, we received the Mange Buster on Tuesday and immediately gave Sadie (the rescue Great Dane) a bath and then the spray. It is one week today after following the regime according to the instructions. She is doing so much better. She must have been loaded with the mange because her body is producing the blood blisters with puss. The vet said that it is the dead mites being extracted from her body. We are so pleased with your mange product.”

– Robin H. NY

“We were about to give up …After using Pets’BestRx™…
we started seeing results and it has worked great”

“Our 9-month-old hound mix came down with a very severe case of mange. She was losing hair, biting and scratching until she was bleeding. It became so severe that our vet wanted us to put her down. We just couldn’t do that as she is part of our family and such a sweet dog. We tried everything from mange dips to shots to oral meds. Some worked for a while but the mange came back even worse. After over a thousand dollars in vet bills and medications, we were about to give up. We discovered Pets’BestRx and decided to give it a try as our last hope. After using Pets’BestRx mange products, it wasn’t long before we started seeing results and it has worked great. We are very impressed and grateful for your mange products!”

– Richard O. NJ

“We tried everything from our vet and nothing worked…
we put your lotion on…saw results in 3 days!”

“Our nine-month-old Boxer inherited mange from his mom. We tried everything from our vet and nothing worked very well. When we put your lotion on we saw results in 3 days! His crusty mange fell off and his skin was pink and looked better than we have seen in months. WOW! Thanks!”

– Mike M. LA

“This mange stuff is a miracle!”

“I was pretty skeptical at first and it took me weeks to try it. It really works. This mange stuff is a miracle!”

– Nancy G. Breeder and Pharmacist, – San Diego, CA

“The vet said to put the dog down…in just 7 days the wounds had almost completely healed…
I highly recommend this mange product”

“I recently rescued a dog that had severe dermatitis over 80% of his body. He had several open wounds as well. The vet said to put the dog down. I had to try the Pets’BestRx mange product. Within two days, he had stopped scratching and biting and in just 7 days the wounds had almost completely healed. The dermatitis mange is healing. I highly recommend this mange product. Even my vet is impressed.”

– Cathy P, Las Vegas, NV

“It got rid of the mange on my rabbits in just a few days”

“I was concerned that it would be too harsh for my rabbits. It got rid of the mange on my rabbits in just a few days and it didn’t seem to bother them at all.”

– Walter M, Lancaster, PA

“this mange product is a Godsend!”

“I just treated my two kittens for mange and this product is a Godsend!”

– Barbara M, FL

“Your customer service guy was a lifesaver! Every pet owner should have this stuff.”

“I rescued a dog with terrible mange all over it and I was desperate. I found your mange product over the Internet and your customer service guy was a lifesaver! He explained how the Mitactin product worked and I asked him to ship it overnight. Every pet owner should have this stuff. I shampooed the dog with the Body Wash and gently rubbed on every place I could see was infected. Within 24 hours, I saw a noticeable improvement and within 3 days he was mange free. I have never seen a mange product to be this effective. Brutus and I thank you!”

– Bryan B. VA

Mange Testimonial

“He was immediately relieved from the itching …

completely cured by the 5th day”

“My dog kept biting himself, to the point that he was raw and it was infected. He was miserable and the meds the vet gave did not work! I used your Pets’BestRx Mitactin and I could tell that he was immediately relieved from the itching. I saw a big improvement within 24 hours! The pus pockets went away after 48 hours and he was completely cured by the 5th day. This mange product is great and more vets should know about it.”

– Linda V, Canada

“I kept applying the Mitactin and the other products for 2 more days…not had a reoccurrence since then!”

“My dog was going nuts! After taking him to the vet, we could not get rid of the mites. My breeder friend referred me to your product. After I applied it, my dog immediately stopped itching. Within 24 hours my dog appeared to be totally relieved and was not scratching; however, I kept applying the Mitactin and the other products for 2 more days and he has not had a re-occurrence since then! I recommend this mange product to every pet owner!”

– Frank L, UK

Mange Testimonial

“I saw immediate relief in Max’s itching and now it’s 3 days later and I even see his pus modules & sores healing up”

“Thank you! Thank you! Your mange product has improved our pet’s life dramatically! Our Yorkie had mites and our vet diagnosed him with scabies 3 weeks ago. We went through the dips and the oral medications and nothing worked. Max was miserable and I hated seeing him suffer. I used to rub cortisone cream all over him every night just to give him a little relief. Finally, I found Pets’BestRx! Although I was reluctant to try it, I was desperate! I ordered and requested overnight delivery and I began using it the very next day. I saw immediate relief in Max’s itching and now it’s 3 days later and I even see his pus modules & sores healing up. The mites are gone. This mange product is a miracle!”

– Priscilla M, CA

“After only minutes of applying the mange products he quit scratching…4 days later and the mites are ALL GONE!”

“I really, really am so grateful for your Pets’BestRx mange products! My pet had sarcoptic mites and I did everything I could to get rid of it, to no avail. Everything I used dried his skin and he never quit itching. He was miserable and I just hated it. After only minutes of applying the mange products he quit scratching and now it’s 4 days later and the mites are ALL GONE! Now all we’re dealing with is healing his skin and that is a good thing. My Vet was very impressed with the results. Thank you, Pets’BestRx!”

– Stephen J, MS

Mange Testimonial

“Riley had Demo Mange…It was a nightmare!…After only one application …relieved of the itching and within 3 days…gone”

“We have been dealing with Mites for the past six months and, finally, we are rid of them thanks to Pets’BestRx! My pet, Riley, had Demo Mange and the rest of my house was infested with other mites. It was a nightmare! Riley was miserable and we were miserable. Through a lot of patience and lot persistence, I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned the house and washed our clothes in borax and hot water; we finally got rid of the mites. After only one application of Pets’BestRx, Riley was relieved of the itching and within 3 days the mites appeared to be gone on him. I kept treating Riley to treat his skin for another week and kept everything sanitized in my home for weeks later. This is the only mite and mange product I have seen that has proved to work safely, effectively and FAST.”

– Ana F, VA

“LuLu woke up…for the first time in 2 weeks, she was wagging her tail. No more scratching and the mites are gone!”

“LuLu woke up this morning and, for the first time in 2 weeks, she is wagging her tail. No more scratching and the mites are gone! A breeder suggested that I try your product to get rid of LuLu’s mange mites. Within 24 hours I noticed that LuLu quit itching all together and her skin is now starting to treat. Thanks for all the help and support you gave us over the phone. I highly recommend this product and so does my vet!”

– Casey L, KS

The mange testimonials above have been unique for each person and are not meant as a substitute for the advice provided by your own physician. Although information and statements regarding our products are true for each person, you should not use this information to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent any disease, or prescribe any medication.

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