Mange and Pet Stress

Pet Stress plays a very important role when dealing with Demodectic Mange, where Pet Stress is a non issue when dealing with Sarcoptic Mange.  Demodectic Mange is serious and Pet Stress is an important factor on the severity of Demodectic Mange.

We thought we would share some important information we got from one of our local Veterinarians on how Pet Stress plays a important role on the severity of the onset of Demodectic Mange.

Physiological Pet Stress is an important factor determining the degree of severity of demodectic mange. I'm sure you're wondering, how can I prevent Pet Stress for my pet specifically.

Predisposition to Mange

Females should be spayed as soon as the mange disease is controlled to eliminate Pet Stress and another outbreak. Coming into heat, hormone fluxes, and pregnancy are very stressful.  Also, predisposition to demodicosis is hereditary in many dog breeds and should not be passed on.

A dog with mange should be fed a reputable brand of dog food so as to avoid any nutrition deficiency related problems and Pet Stress will be easier to handle by the pet.

Keep the pet parasite-free. Worms are irritants that the pet need not deal with and fleas may exacerbate the itchiness and skin infection and also to your pet's stress level.

Keep up your pet's vaccinations.

Mange suppresses the immune system

The mites themselves cause suppression of the immune system so the pet needs every advantage to stay healthy.

Skin infections are usually present in many cases and antimicrobials or antibiotics will likely be necessary. It is very important that corticosteroids type medications and immunosuppressant drugs such as Prednisone NOT be used in these cases as they can tip the immune balance in favor of the mite.

Veterinarians usually attempt diagnosis with skin scrapings from multiple areas, which are then examined under a microscope for mites. Sarcoptes, because they may be present in relatively low numbers, and because they are often removed by dogs chewing at themselves, may be difficult to demonstrate. As a result, diagnosis in Sarcoptic mange is often based on symptoms rather than actual confirmation of the presence of mites. A common and simple way of determining if a dog has mange is if it displays what is called a "Pedal-Pinna reflex", which is when the dog moves one of its hind legs in a scratching motion as the ear is being manipulated and scratched gently by the examiner; because the mites proliferate on the ear margins in nearly all cases at some point, this method works over 95% of the time.[3]  It is helpful in cases where all symptoms of mange are present but no mites are observed with a microscope. In some countries, a serologic test is available that may be useful in diagnosis.

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