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Does your company have any products for ringworm on humans?

We do have a line of pet ringworm products which is our PetsBestRx line of products. We also have a line for human ringworm which is named All Stop.Our All Stop line of products for humans consists of our All Stop Medicated Skin Cream, All Stop Healing Gel and our All Stop Medicated Body Wash.

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Will your pet ringworm products help with scarring?

Yes, the products can help with scarring. Because the spores are burrowed in the skin, it does take time to draw them out and heal the skin. The length of time for treatment will depend on how long your pet has been suffering with ringworm.

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How long after animal ringworm treatments is my pet no longer contagious?

The time length that your pet is still contagious really depends on the type of pet ringworm treatment you are currently using. Your veterinary prescribed treatments for ringworm can take up to one month before your pet is no longer contagious especially if it is an oral medication. When using the PetsBestRx ringworm treatment, your…

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