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How to get rid of dog ringworm?

Our dog ringworm treatment is highly successful. It has a success rate of about 98.5% after trials and studies. If you are treating a dog with ringworm you would use our PetsBestRx Sulfinex Cream, PetsBestRx Healing Gel and the PetsBestRx Pet Wash.

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How fast can I get my ringworm treatment?

Our ringworm orders should be processed within the first 24 to 48 depending on when you order your products. One stipulation is the method of payment in which you choose. By placing an order through a sales representative at 337-937-8800, they can insure the order is shipped on time.

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Types of Pet Ringworm

Most people believe that ringworm is a worm. It is not actually a worm but a group of fungus called dermatophytes. This misconception is because the ringworm shows on the skin as a red raised area in a circular shape. When dealing with pet ringworm they do not always show the classic symptoms of ringworm.

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