Why is my vet’s prescription for ringworm not working?

Some treatments used by veterinarians work and some do not. It is a luck of the draw. The most common reason that pet ringworm vet treatments do not work is because the owners are not treating the environment.

Ringworm is highly contagious and the spores will be left all over the home while your pet is suffering with this affliction. If you are not treating for ringworm in your home, your pet is become re-infected all over again every day. We do have products that are completely safe, nontoxic and non-staining to treat for pet ringworm as well as your home. These products are proven 98.5% successful through trials and studies.

Please make sure to pay attention to the regimen for pet ringworm provided in your package. Our guarantee is contingent that you contact a customer service representative within the first seven days of your ringworm treatment if you are not showing any signs of improvement. This will allow our company to specialize a regimen for your pet because not every pet is the same. Remember it is very important to treat your home for ringworm. One product we offer to treat your home for ringworm is our PuraCleenRx Xtreme Cleen. This is a concentrated disinfectant cleaner that can be diluted for spraying, mopping and laundering.

The other product we offer to ringworm in your home is our PuraCleenRx Disinfectant Spray. This is a ready to spray hospital grade disinfectant that can be used all over the home to treat for ringworm spores. Both of these products are fungicides. The PuraCleenRx Disinfectant Spray can be used on furniture, bedding and carpeting as well as a hard surface disinfectant.