What does ringworm on my pet look like?

Ringworm on pets most often looks like a raised round circular patch of skin. This is where ringworm received its name. Your pet may have ringworm without the “ring” shape.

Also some pets carry ringworm spores on the fur without showing any physical signs of ringworm on the skin. Ringworm is not a worm but a fungal infection of the skin. It is most commonly found on cats but is not limited to only that animal species. It is mostly present on the skins surface and thrives on moisture and damp environments. Ringworm can be contacted from the soil. It can also be passed from pet to pet or pet to human.

Ringworm fungus is highly contagious so it is very important to treat your environment for ringworm. The most common form of ringworm to affect dogs is microsporum canis which accounts for the majority of ringworm cases. There are some cases of ringworm in dogs that can cause lesions on the skin and can grow very rapidly. Ringworm also causes hair loss and can look very inflamed.

The most common areas to find ringworm are the ears, face, tail and paws. You have to treat the ringworm as soon as you see signs to stop it from becoming severe. You can also see a veterinarian to perform a fungal test to make sure it is ringworm you are dealing with. If your pet has ringworm, we do offer a safe and completely non-toxic solution for pet ringworm. It is also recommended to treat your home. We offer the PuraCleenRx Disinfectant Spray and the PuraCleenRx Xtreme Cleen as products for ringworm in your home.