How does ringworm in cats spread?

Ringworm in cats can spread in a few different ways. Some cats are a carrier of ringworm and they never show physical symptoms of itching or hair loss. Other pets or people can still catch ringworm from this pet even if the pet does not show the ringworm spots on the skin.

Ringworm can also spread on cats through the air. The fungus spores circulate through the air especially if you have central air or heat. These systems are made to circulate the air throughout your home. Cleaning filters and buy allergen filters can help with ringworm. Ringworm is most commonly spread by direct contact with the ringworm infected pet. You can also spread ringworm by coming into contact with spores that may be in your home. For instance, they can be on your pet’s toy, bedding, furniture or carpeting.

We do also offer products to help with ringworm spores in your home. These products are our PuraCleenRx Disinfectant Spray and PuraCleenRx Xtreme Cleen. The Disinfectant Spray is a ready to use hospital grade cleaner. It is anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial disinfectant spray. This spray only needs to be lightly misted on your belongings. The Xtreme Cleen is a concentrated cleaner that has to be diluted before use. The Xtreme Cleen can be used for mopping, laundry and spraying items in the home. This product can also be used in a carpet cleaner to kill ringworm spores.