Are your animal ringworm products made with yellow sulfur?

Our ringworm products for pets are not made with yellow sulfur. They are actually made with white sulfur MSM which is a completely different product with different properties. When we established our ringworm products we realized that cats and dogs were being treated with yellow sulfur for pet ringworm.

We decided this is not the best product to use for pet ringworm. If yellow sulfur is used in products it can be harmful to the pet. Yellow sulfur has a foul odor, is sticky and can stain fur and clothing. We did trials and studies when developing our pet ringworm products to determine that white sulfur is about 50% more effective against ringworm fungus that yellow sulfur treatments.

At this point we decided to use white sulfur in our ringworm products. White sulfur MSM is non-staining, pleasant smelling and is not sticky. The PetsBestRx Sulfinex Cream contains white sulfur; it does not make a smooth cream. It contains small bits of MSM in it because the white sulfur is so plentiful in the product. Our pet ringworm treatment package is 98.5% successful. Yellow sulfur can be harmful to be used on small animals such as cats, rabbits and gerbils. Our white sulfur treatment would be successful in use on those animals and animals with suppressed immune systems.