What treatment for mange do I need if my pet smells bad?

If there is a septic smell present, this is a sign of a secondary infection or staph infection. A main symptom of mange is intense itching. If your pet breaks the skin, this can cause an infection to set in. You must treat a secondary staph infection before you can treat for mange mites on your pet.

When treating a dog with staph you need to first wash your pet with the PetsBestRx Pet Wash for five straight days or until the septic smell is no longer present. For cats with a septic smell or staph infection you can use the PetsBestRx Healing and Protection Spray. The other product we sell to treat the mange mites specifically are the PetsBestRx Mitactin Spray and the PetsBestRx Sulfinex Cream. These products are specially formulated to kill the mange mites on the skin. The Sulfinex Cream is also a skin repair cream so this will also help your pet that may have a septic smell. It is encouraged that you call a customer service representative if you are dealing with a pet that has a staph infection.

This will allow the representative to customize a regimen for you and your pet.  It is also very important when you are treating for mange that you treat your home. In order to treat your home for mange mites you can use the All Stop DE-Story Pest Control Eco Dust. This is a food grade diatomaceous earth that is effective against mange mites or insects. This product will break the exoskeleton of mange mites causing them to dehydrate and die. This product can be used on your bedding, furniture, or carpeting. The mange dust can also be used outdoors. We offer our PuraCleenRx Disinfectant Spray which is a ready to use hospital grade disinfectant cleaner. We also have our PuraCleenRx Xtreme Cleen which is concentrated cleaner that is diluted for spraying, mopping and laundering. It is important to boost your pet’s immune system with vitamins or immune boosting foods when they are dealing with staph or mange. One product you can use is our PetsBestRx Mighty Vites. These immune booster vitamins will quicken your mange and staph infection treatment and help with hair re-growth.