What is a Lyme dip for mange?

A lyme dip is a method of treatment used on animals with mange mites. It is highly toxic and is not guaranteed. If the lyme dip enters the blood stream through wounds or lesions it could result in respiratory failure, cancer, and even death.

Lyme dips are a method used to treat nonspecific parasite on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens with mange. Lyme dips can be highly toxic and they are not always guaranteed to work. You do have to wear gloves to administer a lyme dip. Lyme dips can be very pricy. You also must be very careful not to exceed the labeled dosage and make sure you do not get it in their eyes or mouth. It would need to be washed out with clear water immediately not to have harsh effects to the eyes and mouth. If your pet ingests the lyme dip, you need to wash their mouth out immediate and if too much is confused you will have to rush your pet to the vet.

Lyme dips can change the color of your pet’s fur by staining it. Lyme can also be used to change the color of certain types of jewelry. If the lyme dip enters the blood stream through an open sore or lesion it can cause respiratory failure, cancer or even death. If you have any questions or need assistance you can call our customer service center at 337-937-8800.